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  1. paradoc

    Cascade Dark Ale

    Here is a recipe I came up with for a Cascade Dark Ale (Dark IPA). This is one of the best beers I've ever brewed. Give it a try and let me know what you think! Probably the most unusual feature was we elected to steep the darker grains at start of boil rather than put them in for the entire...
  2. paradoc

    Forgot my mash hops -- when to add?

    Greetings, First day on my new brew rig. Lots of firsts today! One of which is forgot to put in my mash hops. When is the best time to add them to the boil? How much should I scale them by? Thanks!
  3. paradoc

    Climax Homebrew Feedback??

    Does anyone out there have experience with ClimaxHomebrew.com?? I placed an order on their website last week. I've sent them several emails, with no response. They do not list a phone number on their website. They sell via an eBay store too, and have 100% positive feedback on eBay. I'm...
  4. paradoc

    Help my buy my brewery

    OK... I need some collective wisdom and advice from the folks on this board. I'm currently a 5 gallon all-grain brewer using a single pot on a portable propane turkey fryer. I want to upgrade to 10 gallon, 2 or 3 pot brewery. Initially I was looking at 1 tier systems like the Keggle Brewer...
  5. paradoc

    How to make and brew with hop extract

    Greetings... I've searched this forum and haven't found an answer to my question, perhaps because "hop extract" brings up every thread thread that mentions hops and extract! My question is: How does one make hop extract at home, and how do you use it in your brews? Brewers like Russian River...
  6. paradoc

    Any Keggle Brewer Reviews??

    Greetings, I'm dreaming of upgrading from my current 5 gallon system to a brew stand system at some point. Been looking at a bunch of options. Looks like Kegglebewing.com has a new brew stand system for $2495. Has anyone purchased/used this...
  7. paradoc

    Mold on outside of kegs

    Greetings, I've recently found white mold on the OUTSIDE of a couple of the kegs in my kegerator. I've carefully inspected the inside of the kegs after they are emptied and never found mold inside the kegs. And haven't had problems with bad beer. I've not seen any mold in my lines or taps...
  8. paradoc

    Beer with a nod to tawny port??

    Howdy, I love tawny port. I love the oak undertone and nutty flavors that come from the aging in oak barrels. Does anyone have a suggestion for a beer recipe that would echo these flavors? I'm not looking to brew port. More of a beer with a stylistic "hat-tip" to tawny port. Something...
  9. paradoc

    Dual Keg Bike

    Oh man... I need me one of these! http://gizmodo.com/5361874/bicycle-is-a-bar-pizzeria-and-dance-club-all+in+one A bike with dual keggerator built in. Hopworks is a great brewer/pub in Portland,OR if you get a chance to sample their brews, I would highly recommend it.
  10. paradoc

    Pliny the Elder recipe questions

    Note: I added a post later in this thread with the full recipe, along with the proposed modifications. You can find it here: https://www.homebrewtalk.com/f36/pliny-elder-recipe-questions-125517/index8.html#post1537060 Greetings, The July/Aug '09 issue of Zymurgy has a recipe for Pliny the...
  11. paradoc

    Introducing a friend to brewing - Any tips?

    Greetings, I have a friend who has never brewed who is going to come over this afternoon and we are going to brew a batch for him. This is his first time brewing, and I'd like to give him a good intro. We picked out an extract kit for him that looks pretty straightforward and also something...
  12. paradoc

    Need help with my All Grain efficiency

    Greetings, Just completed my second all grain batch, and need help figuring out why my efficiency is so poor! I've read the stickies here, and also several brewing books. I know there are a lot of things that contribute to efficiency. What I'm looking for is tips from folks using same...
  13. paradoc

    1st starter - advice needed

    Greetings, First time for me using a starter, and need some reassurance. I've always used Wyeast activators before and just pitched directly. Following instructions on this site and the wiki, I made a small wort using 32 ounces of water, with LME, mixed to a gravity of 1.040. I boiled for...
  14. paradoc

    1st all grain - disaster! Can it be saved?

    Greetings, The wort is cooling from my first all grain batch, and I'm bummed! It did not go as planned. :( Can it be saved?? Recipe is for a Double IPA as follows: 14 lbs 2 row malt 0.75 lb Carmel 60L 0.5 lb Victory Malt 0.25 US Aromatic Malt Predicted preboil gravity: 1.061...
  15. paradoc

    Oxidation risk when transferring wort to kettle?

    Greetings, Getting ready to do my first all-grain batch. In his book, Palmer says to make sure to use tubing to transfer the wort from the MLT to the kettle to "avoid oxidation". But just over an hour later, you are going to oxygenate the wort prior to pitching yeast. Is there really a...
  16. paradoc

    Getting yeast cake out of keg

    Greetings, I recently racked a beer from my primary to the keg, planning to use the keg as my secondary and dry-hopping. It was in primary about 10 days, and in the keg at room temp for another 2 weeks. A few days ago I put it in my kegerator and carb'd it for a few days. But when I pour a...
  17. paradoc

    Better Bottle Racking Adapter Reviews?

    Greetings, Wondering if a couple of folks who have Better Bottle carboys with the racking adapter can provide some reviews. Are you happy with it? Any problems with leaks, cleaning, or infections? I'm looking at picking up a 6 gallon better bottle as a second primary, and trying to...
  18. paradoc

    Dubbel Recipe Advice

    Greetings, I'm going to brew my first partial-mash tomorrow. It is a Dubbel kit from Midwest. Because I live at high altitude (6300 feet) I've been told I need to increase the hops by about 20% due to decreased utilization from the lower boiling temperatures at higher altitude. According...
  19. paradoc

    Tip: getting air bubbles out of racking tube

    This may be old knowledge to the more experienced on the list, but I found it to be helpful tip! I recently got a new 1/2 inch auto-siphon, and noticed a lot of air bubbles in the tubing when I was transferring my beer. It was driving me nuts because it looked like it was probably very...
  20. paradoc

    Mis-adventures in force carbonation!

    OK... I'm new to brewing. Loving it so far. But fundamentally I'm not a very patient guy. So I've got this great tasting IPA sitting in bottles that is taking FOREVER to carb (at least it seems that way!). So... what is an enterprising guy to do? Well... I was at Sam's Club the other day...