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  1. brew-boss

    New product - Brew-Boss Brew Stand with Integrated Boom Hoist

    Brew-Boss introduces a new Brew Stand for it's electric brewery systems. The brew stand is heavy duty and includes mounting for the controller and tablet. It provides storage for the COFI input tube and Swirl-Boss. The best feature is the integrated boom hoist that can be fitted with an...
  2. brew-boss

    Brew-Boss Giveaway! 20 Gallon Kettle

    20 Gallon Brew-Boss Kettle Giveaway Brew-Boss is giving away a 20 gallon Brew-Boss Kettle for electric brewing. The kettle will come complete with our direct contact temperature probe mount, deluxe accessory port, two tig welded 1.5" Triclamp ferrules (one for heater and the other for...