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  1. koaps

    Question about starters and aerating the wort

    So I made a pretty big wheat beer yesterday, OG was at 1.080, and after all my struggling with decoctions, not hitting target temps, and basically not getting to pitching until about midnight(full day event), I forgot to aerate the wort before pitching. I normally do, but this time I forgot...
  2. koaps

    Decoction Mashing Question

    Hi guys, I was reading about the process in palmer's book and online. I might have missed something, but I thought the process from palmers book was to pull out some liquid, boil it, and add it back to the mash, raising the temp to the next rest. But I read somewhere else about scooping...
  3. koaps

    Midnight Sessions

    Anyone have a recipe for the Port Brewing Midnight Sessions Black Lager? Pretty good stuff.
  4. koaps

    Black marks on my brewpot

    Hi guys, I had a question about the black marks left on the bottom of my stainless steel brewpot from a propane cooker. Is this bad for my brewpot? Is there a good way to clean it off? Should I be adjusting the flame a certain way to prevent it? Only used the pot once and would...