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  1. videoman

    first taste of true brew canadian ale kit

    I tried many of the True Brew kits before going AG.... they were always good giving me a good product every time. Enjoy!!
  2. videoman

    does chilling the beer affect the carbonation?

    The Grolsch bottles themselves can be slightly problematic... depending on how well you have sealed the bottle, and how well the rubber washer is working.
  3. videoman

    floating snot? (gelatin)

    Now that you mention it, I do remember fermintations that did look like that.... you're probably right.... I'll bet that beer will be just fine. Crazier things have happened.
  4. videoman

    floating snot? (gelatin)

    Well, let me be the first to say that I doubt what your looking at is a result of gelatin. I've used gelatin for fining several times; once you mix it with the water it should have been clear... you pour it in, kick the carboy a little to get it mixed and let is set... for me, I let it sit...
  5. videoman

    New to brew

    One handy device that is usually not in a kit is an auto siphon... really helpful to transfer wort and beer from bucket to bucket. http://www.austinhomebrew.com/product_info.php?products_id=974 Another little item is something to grab a little wort and put it in your hydrometer container so...
  6. videoman

    Boiling Outdoors

    Definately another year round outdoor brewer here! Even in the freezing cold of a Maine winter, I'm out there brewing!! No problems at all.
  7. videoman

    Used Turkey Fryer?

    I've converted a turkey fryer for beer use with success... just clean very very well (PBW is a great suggestion).
  8. videoman

    Stock pot question

    Got me A4J... I'll not defend that comment... what I was meaning to imply was better said by bike n brew... it's a pain to clean after having grease in it and the left over residue will affect your beer in a negative way. Advice in this thread seems to be don't do it.... from now on I'll leave...
  9. videoman

    Primary over-flow, beer ruined?

    Agree with Chad... my oatmeal stout went nuts this weekend and continued to spew foam for about 12 hours... keep an airlock in sanitizer, and swap them out periodically till the foam stops... you'll be good to go.
  10. videoman

    Stock pot question

    I can't help you with the science of why or why not, but my gut tells me to commit that turkey fryer as a dedicated beer brewing pot. I have used the turkey fryer pot I have in my beermaking; but when I made that decision I scrubbed, cleaned, sanitized and boiled off water prior to use... just...
  11. videoman

    Fermentation Problem...please help

    Albiet, anytime you pop the top of the fermenter you risk letting bad stuff into your beer... but I'm really not that paranoid... so, as long as you sanitize everything that hits your beer... it should not a problem taking the hydrometer reading.
  12. videoman

    Fermentation Problem...please help

    I brewed an oatmeal stout this weekend; similar but different to your porter. But the commonality is that (in my experience) big beers (higher OG) start out with a bang and run their course very fast. But, just because the bubbles have stopped in the airlock does not mean the yeast has stopped...
  13. videoman

    Low attenuation. Now what?

    Agreed Hooter... this has happened a couple of times for me... FG seemed high, but it did carbonate and it was enjoyable... albiet, not my best beer ever. I have had this happen with the Muntons dry, I've had it happen with a couple different strains of liquid Wyeast. Once I started using the...
  14. videoman

    True Brew Beer Kit - First time to brew.

    My first experience with brewing was the Tru Brew Kits... I thought they were very good, and I think I brewed at least 10 of their kits. Each one was very easy to drink. Sounds like a packaging mistake with the malto-dextrin... glad you went by the instructions, not the packing list!!! I...
  15. videoman

    Online brew shop

    In addition to those three, I've used www.northernbrewer.com with success.
  16. videoman

    how to get extract into glass carboy

    Well, I have two different sized carboys, and two different sized funnels. Cost not much more than $5-7 bucks at your LHBS, or online stores like Norther Brewer, Midwest or Austin Homebrew. When I was doing 2 gal extracts I lift my brewpot and slowly pour in the funnel. Topped off with water...
  17. videoman

    First brew tonight - Overview

    Sounds like a very solid first brew session.... the proof will be in the beer, but by your account everything should turn out well. Definately ditto on the wait time. Your patience will be paid off with excellent beer...
  18. videoman

    Info? - (seeking basic homebrewing resources)

    Palmer's book was instrumental for me in grasping the concepts. A very good worthwhile read. Do a handfull of extract kits to get some homebrew in your fridge and learn the basics... and keep checking out this forum... an excellent resource.
  19. videoman

    Beginners recipe?

    Being a beginning brewer I assume you are extract brewing, as opposed to Partial Mash or All Grain brewing? If so, and this is truely your very first batch, I'd buy a kit from a reputable dealer... there are many, many styles that can be purchase in a kit from your local home brew store or...
  20. videoman

    How long can you leave before bottling??

    Aroma, like many other attributes of your beer's taste profile, will mature with age... I've had many brews that still had a little nasty smell going into the bottling bucket that cleared up over time. No big deal here.. very natural.