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  1. BongoYodeler

    10% Stout not carbed.

    Back in July we bottled my wife's first ever homebrew - a one gallon 10% Imperial Coffee Stout. After a 28 day fermentation we siphoned from the fermenter to a bottling bucket and gently stirred the beer. We added one level tsp of table sugar to each of 7 bottles prior to filling them with beer...
  2. BongoYodeler

    Used Proper Starter - did I kill my yeast?

    So, making a starter with WLP002 and I wanted to try using Proper Starter, the canned concentrate. Assumed I knew what I was doing, but I obviously gave myself far too much credit. Poured 2 cans is the concentrate in and added the yeast. Spun for 36 hours and then refrigerated overnight. This...
  3. BongoYodeler

    1 year free BYO subscription

    PLEASE!!! ONLY IF YOU CURRENTLY ARE NOT A SUBSCRIBER!! I'm trusting you to be honest here. I'm ready to renew my BYO Magazine subscription and they sent me a BOGO offer. If you're interested the first one to PM me gets one free year of BYO Magazine, (8 print issues).
  4. BongoYodeler

    Fermenting in a corny keg?

    I'm thinking about trying this and am looking for pros and cons from those that do. Has anyone tried this with neipas? If so, how successful were/are you? A couple thoughts - I have an extra dip tube, ordered and on the way, that I plan on shortening a bit to be used for moving the beer to...
  5. BongoYodeler

    Russian River to bottle Pliny the Younger

    For those who haven't heard... https://brewpublic.com/beer-news/russian-river-brewing-co-to-bottle-pliny-the-younger-in-2020/
  6. BongoYodeler

    Yes, another thread with water report results. What does it mean?

    Pretty much what the title says....I just got back my Ward Labs water (brewers) report, see below. I'm looking for some feedback on how this looks. I'll also be doing a deep dive into Bru n water to see where to go with this information as well.
  7. BongoYodeler

    Idaho 7 / Citra IPA recipe critique

    I bought a few oz of Idaho 7 some months back and I've designed a recipe in Beersmith to use them, (and a couple leftover grains as well). I'm looking for comments both pro and con. 5 1/2 - 6 gallons BIAB (my normal batch size, usually enough to keg + a 6pk). Looking for an IPA that's not...
  8. BongoYodeler

    BIAB - Irish Coffee Stout with a couple surprises

    I brewed what I'm calling an Irish Coffee Stout (1.25 gallons) today using mostly leftover grains, and this was the first time formulating a recipe from scratch. I think I must have mis-measured my grains because I ended up with a couple anomalies - my Measured Mash Efficiency was 102.1% and my...
  9. BongoYodeler

    Paste Magazine - blind taste test of 150 pale ales

    Interesting.. https://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2018/04/151-of-the-best-pale-ales-blind-tasted-and-ranked.html
  10. BongoYodeler

    Take good notes!!! Take good notes!!!

    I see the phrase "take good notes" issued all over this forum. I know I started taking notes right off the bat, but as I brewed a few batches my note-taking evolved. I think it would be quite helpful to new brewers (which I consider myself), to give some examples of your note-taking. What notes...
  11. BongoYodeler

    Cold crashing with a Speidel fermenter?

    Third ag biab attempt, Nine days in, dry hopped yesterday and it's smelling great!! It's an amarillo SMaSH. With my previous two beers I seemed to transfer a fair amount of debris into bottles. Since I biab i can set my mill quite tight. Tight enough that it produces a fair amount of "dust"...
  12. BongoYodeler

    Amarillo SMaSH recipe critique

    I'm planning on brewing an Amarillo SMaSH in a few weeks and since I'm still pretty green at this I'm looking for impressions, suggestions, and critiques. Here's a recipe I've found and I put it into Beersmith, scaled for my equipment. BIAB All grain 15 gal. Spike kettle Total water needed...
  13. BongoYodeler

    Another one of those "I think I messed up" threads

    So, I've had Yooper's Oatmeal Stout in the fermenter for 5 weeks and today was finally bottling day. Because the beer only got down to 1.023 I did back off on the amount of corn sugar for bottling, which may be important to this story. I had about 2/3 of it transferred to the bottling...
  14. BongoYodeler

    Bottled my first grapefruit pale ale - question

    Last night I bottled my first grapefruit pale ale. I used simcoe (60mins), citra(10mins), and dry hopped with cascade and grapefruit zest. For the zest I used 4 oz of fresh zest and 2 oz of dried grapefruit peel that I got from a local homebrew shop. I originally planned to bottle after the dry...
  15. BongoYodeler

    BIAB 15g Spike kettle - Beersmith profile check request

    Is this the best place to ask this? I want to move from extract to BIAB so I recently downloaded Beersmith2 and have setup a 5 gallon profile using my new 15g Spike kettle. A lot of this is still quite new to me so I was wondering if I can get some feedback on the profile setup? Do the...
  16. BongoYodeler

    Blichmann NG floor standing burner. Hose question.

    Recently bought a Blichmann floor standing burner and the natural gas conversion since I'll be brewing on my back patio where I already have my NG gas grill. My Weber grill uses a 1/2 inch hose with a 3/8 inch quick disconnect. I'd like to buy a separate hose with a 3/8 inch quick disconnect for...