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  1. Johnnyhitch1

    ISO: Boysenberry + Raspberry Petite Sour FT: List

    Looking for a bottle or 2 of each of the Boysenberry and Raspberry petite sours from crooked stave. FT: GSB Maurauder (BA Scotch ale) GSB Sexton (Chardonnay BA golden strong) Forest and Main Hapi (Oak Aged dryhopped saison) Forest and Main Dochter Seizoen (Oak aged saison) Hill...
  2. Johnnyhitch1

    ISO: FB French Toast Brown

    Have a bunch of north east goods for trade. Looking for 2 bottles, not sure what limit was but it looks like these got distribution. Other half Crooked Stave Knee Deep Grimm (super going, rainbow in curved air) Bronx brewing Mezcal Barrel Aged Black Pale Ale B nectar (the dudes rug...
  3. Johnnyhitch1

    ISO: Mexican Cake FT: MBCP

    Brother passed away 5 years ago at 18 and the kid LOVED anything coffee flavored. After finding out the coffee version of Mexican cake is bottled on his birthday I have to get a bottle. Looking to go 1:1 on Funky Buddha Maple Bacon Coffee Porter Lemme know if im off. THX!
  4. Johnnyhitch1

    ISO:HF Brother Soigne FT: Thank you box + label

    Looking for 4-6 bottles of Brother Sogine from anyone heading up this weekend. Can send Label + paypal Label + Thank you box Label + paypal + Thank you box Lemme know what I can do to get this done. Cheers guys!
  5. Johnnyhitch1

    ISO: FFF year rounds FT: Heady Topper

    Just got a a sweet new FFF teku from jaIsPoAn and need to break it in proper! FT: Heady Multiples ISO: (Freshies Please!) YumYum(top want) Gumballhead Zombie Dust Permanent Funeral PM to work something out Will expand/fill box with NE goodies also. Have glassware also...
  6. Johnnyhitch1

    FT: Other Half Citra + Nelson, GSB Marauder ISO: IPAs

    FT: OH Citra OH Nelson Great south bay Barrel aged Marauder Tilquin Gueuze Tilquin Quetshe ^Multiples of above Sunday Morning Stout KBS 15' ISO: Dinner Julius Other Tree House cans Heady Topper New Focal Banger Cans Trillium IPAs HF growlers Fruited Stouts Hardywood stouts...
  7. Johnnyhitch1

    ISO: List FT: Hopslam + Westbrook 4th

    Have multiples of each, Looking for a couple bottles: Not your fathers Root Beer Grey Sail Captains Daughter Sip of Sunshine Ching Ching Epitome Regular Coffee Ken Shmidt Mint Chocolate Stout Heady Second Fiddle Pliny NY-Long Island Area Shoot me a message if your on the fence...
  8. Johnnyhitch1

    ISO: Belching Beaver PB + Horchata Stout

    Looking for a bottle or 2 of each. Peanut Butter Stout Horchata Stout FT: Breakfast Stout Backwoods Bastard Flower Power Left Hand Nitros Bells Expedition Stout Bells Cherry Stout Otter Creek IPAs Any Troegs Hit me up to work something out. If the 2 stouts in question are not...
  9. Johnnyhitch1

    ISO: Good Gourd FT: Mexican Cake

    Simple 1:1 Could fill box with locals to make shipping worth it Pm me if on the fence, trying to get this done before Halloween.
  10. Johnnyhitch1

    ISO: Good Gourd FT: NorthEast List

    Looking for a bottle or 2 of Cigar City good gourd FT: Allagash Captain Lawrence Golden Delicious 12oz Fresh Firestone Walker Elysian Punkuchino Jacks Abbey Baby Maker, BA Framinghammer Night Shift Art 18 Maine Beer Co Schlafly Pumpkin Troegs Local Long Island breweries: Blind...
  11. Johnnyhitch1

    Hill Farmstead Zwanze Meetup/IP trade

    Won tix somehow and dont know anyone going! Love vermont and cant wait to get up there!! Not much tix flying around on "other sites" so not sure how many actually got released?? Have some bottles i can trade off, just looking for "fair" IP trades and a good drinkin buddy at the fest. Will be...
  12. Johnnyhitch1

    Gang-Bang BIF???

    Have a local group of 5 guys who trade and drink together on a regular basis and want to see what we can come up with as a group trade, IF THIS VIOLATES HBT RULES PLEASE REMOVE Looking for teams of local tasting groups (4-8 people per team) from different states to send out massive porch...
  13. Johnnyhitch1

    FT: Alchemist (Heady/Focal/Crusher/Rapture)

    Mixed alchemist 4 packs FT Bottles below are to expand for ISO if needed. FT: BCBS Backyard Rye - multiple Oude Tart w/cherries SITR w/kumquat 3floyds BA Behemoth Maine Barrel Program 1 Tired Hands Hopfarm Batch 3 Night Shift Art #18 Raspberry Berliner NS Funkd Citra Southampton RIS...
  14. Johnnyhitch1

    Alchemist "Pop up Sale" IP trade FT:List

    Anyone going to the "pop up" sale on saturday? Have some bottles i can part with and always prefer In person trades. If not all is FT with mixed 4packs of heady/focal/crusher/rapture Preference goes to multiple bottles. FT: BCBS Backyard Rye - multiple Oude Tart w/cherries SITR w/kumquat...
  15. Johnnyhitch1

    ISO: Plan Bee "Precious" FT: List

    Very small nano up in fishkill NY doing ground to glass brewing and using hand harvested honey in all of his beers. ISO Their latest sour release "Precious" FT: Almanac Night Shift Jacks Abby Russian river Have some other stuff thru out the cellar, shoot me a PM if we can work...
  16. Johnnyhitch1

    FT: Mexican Cake ++ ISO: Dark Lord

    Can add plenty on my end, not sure if im way off as a start but figured id throw it out there. Id entertain other offers for anyone looking for some cake. Cheers!
  17. Johnnyhitch1

    ISO: Gose gone wild FT: What is it trading for?

    Looking for a bottle or to of the stillwater/westbrook collab "Gose gone wild" Not sure what its trading for, i do get stillwater/westbrook in my area just rather not wait and see if it comes around, or is this a large bottle/keg count? Shoot me a PM to work something out. Cheers!
  18. Johnnyhitch1

    American IPA Kicking Cans IPA - Crisp, Juicy, Balanced

    Kicking CANS Grain Bill: 7lb Pearl Malt 2lb 13oz Marris Otter 2lb Munich 1lb Torrified Wheat 1lb Carapils 8oz Honey Malt Hop Bill: 14gms Nugget 13%AA @ Mash 1oz Nugget 13%AA @FWH 1oz Amarillo 8.5%AA @10 2oz Simcoe 13%AA @5 2oz Columbus 14% @5 1oz Simcoe @ Flame Out 1oz...
  19. Johnnyhitch1

    ISO: FW Feral One, Lil Opal, Bretta Rose

    FT: Jester King Commercial Suicide Jester King Ru55 Night Shift Art 18 Night Shift Funkd Citra Jacks Abby Baby Maker Jacks Abby BA Framinghammer BCBS Coffee BW BA Boris 12' Ten Fidy SH Double Ice Weyerbacher Riserva
  20. Johnnyhitch1

    HopBox - Practical or another homebrew scheme

    *I would post the link here but i dont want to seem like im advertising for them, plus HBT has a rule against posting kickstarters* HopBox just started there kickstarter yesterday and has already reached over 65K in just under 36 hours with a goal of only 45K Very interesting design and...