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  1. Erik the Anglophile

    Quick question about cold crashing.

    I seem to have a recurring " problem" in most of my brews, I often get yeast rafts that don't want to fall down. This has lead me to think about doing a soft cold crash, about 7-8c for two days before bottling to minimize yeast and trub in the bottles. A few qustions: Do I need to get it back to...
  2. Erik the Anglophile

    Sub wlp 028 with Nottingham?

    I had planned to brew a 80 shilling ale today, and earlier in the week made a starter on wlp028 edinburgh ale. Yesterday I put it away overnight to cold crash in my FC fridge that probably was set a bit too low, because when I checked it it had turned into a yeast/ wort slushie. After spending a...
  3. Erik the Anglophile

    White Labs and manufacture date

    So, I have two pure pitch packs of whitelabs yeast, and I am looking around at brewersfriends starter calculator to get a sense of what starter I need to make for my 2 coming brews. The first I'm about to use has an expiring date of april 24, the other may 6. I've been googling around and the...
  4. Erik the Anglophile

    Accidental cold crash and carbonation

    So, I have, or had, a Porter fermenting in my FC out in my garden shed, but something appearantly is wrong with the circuit breaker in our little villa communitys shared garage row(the power distribution to the garden sheds and stuff like that is also shared), and it has cut the power out to the...
  5. Erik the Anglophile

    Yeast bite or something else?

    I have a porter fermenting right now, pitched and put away in my FC sunday afternoon, and at monday morning it was full activity in the bucket, guess it started sometime early during the night to monday. At wednesday morning it looked like the primary stage was pretty much done, so I raised the...
  6. Erik the Anglophile

    British strong/old ale recipe

    So, I've made some invert #2 based on light muscovado sugar, and had an idea to use it in a strong ale style beer in the near future, I think the fudgy character of the invert will be really nice in an ale of that kind. I wanted to use first gold, but my LHBS didn't have any in stock, so I...
  7. Erik the Anglophile

    Achieving desired attenuation in porter.

    Not sure if this belongs in recipes or here, but I feel it is mostly related to fermentation. I have a porter brew coming up, and I'm gonna use mangrove jacks m42 at about 18-19c fermentation temp, and wanted to keep the attenuation down a bit as I know it can eat some maltriose and is a high...
  8. Erik the Anglophile

    Brunwater trouble

    So, I got around to try out brunwater in order to try to get my very mineral deficient and soft water more suitable to brewing. Entered my water profile and grain bill, desired sparge PH and mash, sparge and batch volumes in the water adjustment tab, but when I chose a water profile, nothing...
  9. Erik the Anglophile

    Dark Scottish 80/- critique please

    I am working on a recipe for a dark 80 shilling ale, wich will be my first venture in to using liquid yeast, and was gonna check if anything in my recipe seems off, looking for a sorta sweet, full and a little chocolatey character, but want no obvious roasty flavour. The batch is planned to be...
  10. Erik the Anglophile

    Table salt for water adjustment?

    I checked my countys water quality report for our tap water, and got the following values: Sodium 10mg/L Sulfate 42mg/L Chlorides 15mg/L Magnesia 4.1 mg/L Ph 8.1 -8.2 Hardness 4.6 So I have pretty soft water with low alcalinity, and I don't really brew hop forward beers so sulfate levels are...
  11. Erik the Anglophile

    Spigots and keeping em clean...

    I have a spigot mounted at the bottom of my fermenter bucket, and I suspect it may be the culprit in a wild yeast infection I suffered in my last batch, some beer residue must have stayed behind in the nozzle and started growing nasties in there that followed when i bottled. I also noticed that...
  12. Erik the Anglophile

    Candi syrup and when to add?

    I am in my head sketching up some plans for a strong dark belgian I'm gonna do sometime in the future(have a couple brews planned so I don't really know when it will be). And am thinking something like pilsner as base malt, biscuit and special b, 3-4% each, and candi syrup. Was thinking of using...
  13. Erik the Anglophile

    new kettle and rolling boil.

    So I got my self a new kettle, and since I brew at home in my kitchen I tested the boil off in it by boiling 13L of water for an hour. During this time I noticed I had to keep the lid kinda halfway on to get a decent rolling boil going, is this something I can do without worry? My logic tells me...
  14. Erik the Anglophile

    Russian Imperial stout recipe, how does it look?

    So, I'm gonna brew a bitter after the holidays and everything around it is done, and then I am thinking about having a go at an Imperial stout, nothing fancy, just an old school RIS style beer. Thinking something like this: 10 liter batch, 70% eff( my for normal strenght beer is 75%, did a OG...
  15. Erik the Anglophile

    Best bitter-ish qritique pls

    So, when I have bottled my current brew and have time, I'm gonna make an attempt at a bitter since i like to have a bunch of beer of different types for variety at home and bitter is a favorite of mine. Batch is calculated at about 11.04 liter at end of boil, planning to get a little over 10L...
  16. Erik the Anglophile

    Help, I think my fermentation has stalled!

    So, I am fermenting a porter (OG 1.064) that I brewed last saturday. I pitched a pack of m15 empire ale yeast and it kicked off in just 4 hrs. Took a test tuasday night and it was a tie between 1.023 and 24, and another today(thursday) around noon and it seemed to be 1.022-1.023, so pretty much...
  17. Erik the Anglophile

    Low OG

    I am making a Porter, sparging atm. But i didn't adjust the efficiency for a higher gravity(1.065) aiming for 52 in pre boil gravity. Is light baking syrup something i could add in boil to raise gravity if it comes out way too low? The cane sugar was gone. Making a 10 l batch if that matters.
  18. Erik the Anglophile

    DIY fermentation chamber

    So, I got my thumb out of my ass and "assembled" my FC today. Didn't have to remove the built in termostat and circuit the feeder cable attached to it, wich was nice. Small fan heater as heat source and the fridges own compressor as cooler. I used the dual temp controller built on a stc 1000...
  19. Erik the Anglophile

    beersmith 3 and carbonation

    So, how trustworthy are the suggested volumes of carbonation presented in beersmith when composing recipes? I am making a porter where 2.5 volumes are suggested, isn't that a little much?
  20. Erik the Anglophile

    mangrove jack's m15 empire ale and optimal fermentation temperature

    So, I'm gonna brew a pretty dark and sturdy porter (just above 6%abv) using this yeast. As i have come to understand this yeast produces quite a lot of esters and accentuates malt sweetnes at higher temps and gravities. Should i ferment at a lower temp (18-19c) or go for 20-21 since i don't...