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  1. HerbivorousBrewer

    Not bagging any hops during boil or dry, and not cold crashing

    Hi guys, Wondering if anyone doesn't bag any of their hops (including during boil and dry hopping) and also doesn't cold crash. I'm brewing my first DIPA and trying dry hopping for the first time, and I threw my hop pellets (as I normally do) directly into the brew kettle during the boil...
  2. HerbivorousBrewer

    Wild yeast always sour?

    Hi guys, I've heard that one way to make a sour beer is to collect wild yeast by putting a jar of wort under a tree (still trying to figure out how to do this in Minnesota winter... indoor plants?). I'm curious if doing this will always result in a sour beer, or if sometimes you can collect...
  3. HerbivorousBrewer

    Barleywine - 5 Gal - Mash tun not big enough

    Hi guys, I'm a fairly new All Grain brewer (2 batches so far... haven't tasted them yet, but excited for them to be ready!!), but have brewed a few extract batches. Now looking to make a Barleywine. I haven't picked a recipe yet, but I've tried making a high gravity beer in my mash tun, only...