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  1. 2ndGenBrewer

    Orange Blossom Honey suggestions??

    So, I got a US gallon tub of orange blossom honey for the holidays and want to make either 4 gallons of melomel or metheglyn. This is the first time I've used this varietal honey and I'm not familiar with its' aspects. Any suggestions on fruits or herbs to try? ( I've already done strawberry...
  2. 2ndGenBrewer

    A very merry holidays for mead making

    Hello fellow brewers! I hope all of you had a great holiday? I'm normally not one to brag... but I just had to say that my SWMBO's gift this year was great! I finally got myself a demi-john!:ban: The question I have is it's suppose to be up to 15 gallons. I've heard only 14 are usable...
  3. 2ndGenBrewer

    Vanilla Metheglyn idea

    Proposed recipe for a vanilla metheglyn 6 pounds cotton honey 6 pounds mesquite honey 16 Fluid ounces blackstrap molasses 3 packages of US-05 Ale yeast Yeast nutrient/energizer (per staggard nutrient schedule) 3 vanilla beans (in secondary) As normal I plan to bring the water just up...
  4. 2ndGenBrewer

    Citrus Pale Ale

    Howdy from Denver. So after making my first extract kit (the 80 shillings from northern brewer) I decided I'd give a shot at making my own extract recipe form scratch. Here it is: 6 lbs of light malt extract 1/2 Lb of German Caramel Red Malt 1/2 Lb of British light crystal 1 oz Citra hops 1...
  5. 2ndGenBrewer

    How much Elderflowers should I use.

    I decided to make a small test batch of Elderflower mead after tasting a Elderflower wine a little while ago. I'm not too sure how much I should use for a 1 gallon batch. In the past I used 1 lb of rose hips for my rosehip mead (5 gallon) and am using 2 oz of heather for the heather mead i have...
  6. 2ndGenBrewer

    My first Pinot Grigio

    Hello fellow wine makers! I've made maybe 4 batches of fruit wine and over a dozen meads and I now decided to get some pinot grigio grapes and make a traditional grape wine. I'll be getting 35 lbs through my LHBS and am planing to use 2/3 for the wine and a 1/3 for a pyment. So far I haven't...
  7. 2ndGenBrewer

    Suggestions for a Honey Dew Mead?

    Hello fellow brewers! I've been thinking about making a hydromel using Honey dew melons and was wondering if it would be worth it? I have a friend that has made a cantaope melomel and it turned out fantastic. But, I do know that not all melons ferment quite as well. Here is my thoughts on...
  8. 2ndGenBrewer

    What will higher temps do to my mead?

    So when I moved into my current apartment the temp in my closet was staying right around 70. Since spring moved in I've been struggling to keep it at 75 and lately it has been more like 78-80. I know that the yeast I'm using are rated up to 85 so they are bubbling away just fine. My question is...
  9. 2ndGenBrewer

    Strawberry Melomel. Blance or Not?

    Hello everyone, I'm getting ready to start on my first fresh fruit melomel and I'm feeling a little stuck. Here is my recipe: 12 lbs of Sage blossom honey 1 lb of Belgium candi sugar 12 lbs Chopped and frozen Strawberries 2 tsp Nutrient (to start and more staggard) 2 tsp Energizer...
  10. 2ndGenBrewer

    Dandelion Wine

    7 cups Dandelion petals 1 lb Golden raisins - Chopped 2 lb Cane sugar 1 gal Hot water 1/2 tbsp Lemon Juice 1/2 tsp LD Carlson yeast energizer 1/2 package Red Star - Cote des Blancs I started by cutting the petals off of some where near 300-350 flowers to get 7 cups (loose packed). Next...
  11. 2ndGenBrewer

    Rose hip Melomel/Metheglin

    Rose Hip Melomel/Metheglin 4 gallons water 1 lb of dried Rose hips 1 tbsp of lemon juice 1/2 oz of Irish moss 1 tsp of LD Carlson yeast nutrient Lavin 71B-1122 15 lb of Ambrosia clover honey (from the west slope of Colorado) I boiled the rose hips for about 30 minutes, removed from...
  12. 2ndGenBrewer

    Rosamel or Melomel?

    Hello fellow brewers! I just topped off my first 5 gallon batch of mead to bulk age and not quite sure how to categorize it. (I done about six 1 gallon batches so far) Here is the recipe: 4 gallons water 1 lb of dried Rose hips 1 tbsp of lemon juice 1/2 oz of Irish moss 1 tsp of LD...