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  1. JonK331

    Best Piping for Home Plumbing?

    So unfortunately I have to get the house re-piped soon. I'm thinking I'll go with copper but am open to exploring other options such as cpvc or pex. Does anyone have experience with this? I'm also curious about what gauge of copper to go with. My fiance and I live in a single story 2 bed 2...
  2. JonK331

    No Hop Section?

    I've been on here for a while now and it's never occurred to me. No hop section? Hop growing but??? Seems like with the popularity of hopcentric beers we should certainly have one. I'm talking about different ways of achieving IBUs; i.e. Hop bursting, hybrid methods, etc. Seems to me...
  3. JonK331

    Sierra Nevada Cans

    They're here! Tastes exactly the same out of a glass. I think i might have to shotgun one.
  4. JonK331

    Uhhhhhh Yeah

    Ha ha bitches!!!!!!!
  5. JonK331

    Frozen Cold Crash

    Hello All - so yes I know there are some old threads about this but I wanted to start a new one anyway. The old threads mostly discuss yeast viability for carbonating, I am kegging. Cold crashed in primary with a Sanyo 4912 for three days and just went to keg. Uh oh, about an inch and a...
  6. JonK331

    Toasted Malt Experiment

    So I just kegged an experimental batch with just base malt and some toasted base malt. I hopped very lightly so I can taste the effect of the toasted grain very clearly. Once carbonated, I will post a picture of a pint so you can see the color. Although subjective, I will also post tasting...
  7. JonK331

    Attention Bay Area Brewers: Split a set of cornies?

    Hey anyone in the Bay Area want to split a four pack of ball lock cornies? I'm in Fremont so the closer the better. As you know these things are only going to go up in price. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004W5NPZQ/?tag=skimlinks_replacement-20
  8. JonK331

    Help! Gelatin - Never had this happen before.

    So I boiled a pint or so of water, let cool to 170F, added gelatin, and let sit for about 20 mins. THen I cooled in a water bath and added to my fermenter. As I was cleaning out my pan I noticed that the bottom was covered with a sheet of gelatin so I don't think any actually made it into the...
  9. JonK331

    Cask Widge

    Anybody used one? http://www.caskwidge.com/ My buddy sent me an email about it today. Never heard of it myself. Seems like it'd be great if you use a keg for a bright tank.
  10. JonK331

    Fermentation/Kegerator Fridge: Daewoo fr-147

    Anyone used one of these? Says it's 4.9 ft3 so that'd make it almost identical to a Sanyo 4912M but 70 bucks less. I'd like to get a couple of these for fermentation chambers if they'd fit a carboy. http://www.freezers-fridges.com/fridges/manufacturers/pos/daewoo_fr-147_rv
  11. JonK331

    Adding Zinc

    Happy Friday All, So I've been reading the new yeast book and it states that the only nutrients wort does not have for fermentation/yeast health are oxygen and zinc. Obviously most of us add oxygen in one form or another but how many actually add zinc and if you do, what form do you use...
  12. JonK331

    Barley Crusher - How long to ship?

    Hello all. So after hours of research I decided to purchase the Barley Crusher. My question is, for those of you who ordered one direct from the BC website, how long did it take yours to ship? I ordered mine last Tuesday and it still hasn't shipped. I was sent the confirmation email and...
  13. JonK331

    MMMMM look what I got today...

    A little trip to bev mo on my lunch break. Sitting in trunk in box with ice.
  14. JonK331

    Houston Beer

    I'm in the Houston area (Woodlands) this week working. Are there any breweries I should check out or at least good local beers I can find in the store?
  15. JonK331

    Attention Bay Area brewers...

    Morebeer Los Altos is doing an all grain demonstration tomorrow March 5 at 10am. The demo is free. The flyer just came in to my inbox so I thought I'd pass it along. This is my LHBS, great bunch of guys.
  16. JonK331

    Biofine Clear Clarifier

    Anyone used this stuff? New item at Morebeer. http://morebeer.com/view_product/11772//Biofine_Clear_Clarifier_-_1oz
  17. JonK331

    Breakfast Cereal in Mash???

    Has anyone ever tried adding a box of organic cereal to their mash. I'm very curious about this. I know it would have to be void of preservatives so it'd have to be organic. The possibilities would be endless, maybe something with some dried fruit and nuts in it??? Maybe toast it a little in...
  18. JonK331

    Anyone know anything about constructive eviction and tenant rights?

    So in a matter of a couple weeks we've had to move out and are now living in an extended stay hotel. We found a new place but can't move in for 29 more days. Thanks to anyone who has advice. Obviously this has been a real PITA and I'm fairly pissed at the landlords for not responding right...
  19. JonK331

    Anyone brewed a good Alt lately?

    There are some older posts on the subject but they are a bit outdated. There seems to be a lot of different opinions on the grain bill, even Designing Great Beers and Brewing Classic Styles don't really agree. I'm looking for something authentic.
  20. JonK331

    Go SF Giants!!!

    Anyone else a fan? The game last night was awesome!