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  1. excaptn

    K127 flared nylon washer replacement

    I am converting a low profile tap to accept quick disconnects. My issue is I lost 1 of the flared nylon washers, does anyone know where to get a replacement. Ie lowes, Home Depot... I don't know if linking to a different forum is permitted but this is what I am working on...
  2. excaptn

    WTB:The Brewers Association's Guide to Starting Your Own Brewery

    Any one purchase this book and no longer have a need for it?
  3. excaptn

    hot sauce

    If I can make beer, I should be able to make anything right? Last year my jalapeno plant yielded about 40-peppers, so this year I planted another jalapeno and a habanero plant in hopes to make my own hot sauce. Anyone have any luck with doing this?
  4. excaptn

    German bock lager temp

    I am following a recipe for a miabock which says I should ferment at 65 F. For the first 7 days.could that be correct. I am using white labs German bock lager yeast.
  5. excaptn

    Old fridge as a fermentation chamber

    SWMBO "convinced" me to get a new fridge for the kitchen. I have a new fermentation chamber for the garage!!! I have a 2 stage ranco and plan to use the fridge and a ceramic "under desk fan" to control my temps. Do I need to worry about anything, or is there anything I am not thinking about?
  6. excaptn

    ranco 212100

    2nd e-bay buy. Was trying to get a ranco 212000 2 stage 120 vac, ended up buying a 212100 24 vac. I have a fridge that I was going to convert to a ferm chamber, but I am pretty sure if I screwed up with this buy. What would you do... and NO I am not going to send you this model and buy a new...
  7. excaptn

    10 gallon MLT big enough for 10 gallon brew

    I want to brew a 10-gallon batch of a blonde to compare the two different yeasts and their effects. I read some article or blog and it sounded interesting, plus I killed two kegs last night and have the need for 10 gallons. My worry is that the 360-brew calculator said to use 6.98 gallons to...
  8. excaptn

    Long Island water quality-off flavors

    I have been brewing for 2 years now and just brewed my third batch of all grain. I keep getting a harsh tasting flavor that is hard to describe during the finish. Could this be caused by the chemicals that are added to the water on Long Island? I am constantly learning and improving my...
  9. excaptn

    basement Bar with swing top

    I am in the planning process of planning to build a small basement bar, and was thinking about maximizing space by using the flip top bar/counter (hinged to open up vertically). I have been trying to find someone who has a build like this online but must not be using the correct terminology...
  10. excaptn

    banjo burner power loss

    I have been using my classic banjo burner for 2 years and the last two brews it seems like I have lost power or BTU's after about 45 min into my boil. Not sure whats going on as I still have propane in the tank... for anyone from mountain state it kinda is acting like I am getting vapor...
  11. excaptn

    Long Island All Grain

    I am new to all grain, and would really like to watch someone who has some experience. Anyone on long island/ Nassau brewing AG batches and not mind having someone watch and take notes?
  12. excaptn

    Sparge Temp

    basic question... or not, what temp water do you use to sparge, and does that temp vary depending on the recipe you are using?
  13. excaptn

    Odells Isolation Ale

    I have been search for a close recipe for Odells Isolation ale. I would like to brew it in time for mid december. All I can find is 1 recipe on liquid poets. Anyone have any luck brewing an isolation clone?
  14. excaptn

    Shipping wild hops

    My brother came across some wild hops growing in western Colorado. He dried them and then put them in the freezer. I live in New York, what is the best way to ship them? He said he was about 4 qt size zip lock bags in his freezer.
  15. excaptn

    First AG build

    I just finished building my first mash tun and am about ready to go all grain and then strated reading about how many people have issues with stuck sparges using a SS braid... I have a 10 g beverage cooler using a 12" 1/2 braid. Should I tear it out and build a manifold?
  16. excaptn

    Smells like eggs

    I brewed a black IPA three days ago and started seeing lots of action in my blow off tube this morning. I keep my primary in the basement shower as it maintains a steady 67 degrees with the door shut. Tonight, the whole bathroom kinda smells like eggs/ sulfur. I don't want to open the lid as...
  17. excaptn

    Dead kegerator?

    I bought a Frigidaire® 4.4 Cu. Ft. Compact Refrigerator from lowes to build a kegerator and in my excitment to start the project I never tested to see if the fridge worked. Now that I am about to rack into my first keg I pluged her in and nothing happened. The interior light turns on, but it...
  18. excaptn

    Buying a keg, legally

    I am trying to buy a keg legally and am getting the run around. Has anyone had any success? Even better, anyone know of somewhere on long island who sells them?
  19. excaptn

    bayou classic burnt paint

    I am not sure If I got a fake produce, or if this is what is expected of the product. I bought a bayou classic sp10 high pressure cooker of CL for 20 bucks. I fired it up tonight for my first 5 gallon batch and had a good deal of smoke and bad fumes for the first 20-30 minutes. After I racked...