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    Natural Gas Burner Suggestions

    i have read through a few threads refrencing various nat gas burners, but i was wondering if anyone had any specific vendors they would recommend? i am looking at building a homebrew stand and plan on brewing in the basement. are there dimensions i need to be aware of? i know some are 9" and...
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    ISO soda kegs in the madison, wi area

    ssia. looking for soda kegs in good repair. will pick up. thanks
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    2 Pump or not to Pump?

    so i am moving soon and i am thinking about my next incarnation of the brewery. i am an AG brewer with two converted kegs and a converted cooler mash tun. right now i am using gravity and a 3 tiered system to get from HLT to carboy. it is a pita. i am thinking since i am moving i might want...
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    Sticky beer!?!?

    last night i bottled an imperial stout that turned out to be neither imperial nor stout. it was crazy sticky. i am sick right now so i can't tell if it was very sweet, but i drank a little and was not repulsed by the taste so i can only assume that it was good. does sticky beer mean a lot of...
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    Yeast Harvesting

    I just grabbed two shakespear stouts and one monk madness. i was hoping to harvest some of that pacman from one of them. exactly how do i do that? thanks! :mug:
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    Crushing Coriander

    anyone have any good methods of doing this at home? i have doen it beofre by using a pestal mortar type setup with a bowl and a glass, but i was wondering if there were any better suggestions out there? also i have some small amounts of speciality grians i'd love to crush, but i might have to...
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    SS mesh Vs. AL

    i am using aluminum mesh right now for my 'DIY' hopstopper. is this a bad idea? since it is al? should i use SS? where would i get SS mesh? i looked at my local mom and pop and meglo marts, but no luck. anyway i was just tossing this out there for discussion. should i go back to AL or...
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    does gravity rise as you boil the wort? like pre-boil OG versus post boil OG. is there a difference? i only ask as i have recently begun taking readings. i have brewed what i thought was good beer for about a year and now i am finding i am missing my gravity by like .02-.04...'d think my...
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    Is my yeast still good?

    ok folks here is my question: Is my yeast still good? here is the scenario: about four weeks ago i racked an amber ale and bottled the yeast cake into a sanitized growler with an airlock on it. i put the bottle in the basement on the floor which is about 40 degrees. the yeast was safale us...
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    Trippel in Secondary

    i have a question about my trippel in its secondary stage. after hitting my target FG of 1.012, i racked over to a glass carboy for clarification as the beer was tremendously cloudy. well i started the secondary in the basement and after 48 hours the clarification had begun and the beer had...
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    Homemade aeration system

    this is a little something i put together today: what do you all think? :ban:
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    Bittering a beer in secondary?

    so i brewed a tripple a few weeks ago and tonight it hit is FG/TG of 1.013 from 1.077. its gonna be a nice stong beer. great taste, but one thing: i am only at about 19 IBUs. i was reaching for 25 or so, not sure how it happened. prolly due to inexact amounts. anyway, is there anyway to...
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    What to do? Stuck fermentation.

    this thread was inspired by the other stuck fermentation thread out there. i was just wondering if, or when, you all got stuck fermentations what did you do? do you repitch yeast? can you pitch another starter of similar yeast? what do you do? discuss
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    Organic Brewing

    After listening to james spencer's podcast on organic brewing i am wondering if it is worth it? has anyone else tried brewing an organic brew? i'm thinking, since i am an organic gardener. makes sense to me....:mug:
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    shaking the filled carboy?

    i brewed a beer this weekend w/ an OG of about 1.076. blegian pilsen malt straight thru. anyway we CFC'd the wort, stirred a lot and pitched safeale 33. the fermentation was vigorous enough 24 hrs later to push trub thru blowoff, but 72 hrs later there is no action in blowoff unless i shake...
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    Whole Leaf in a glass carboy

    is there a good way of getting whole leaf hops in a glass carboy that has been racked over already? i wanted to dryhop a few days before bottling. last time i steamed the hops and added by hand to the carboy. any better suggestions welcomed and appreciated!
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    How to measure wort in a converted keg?

    so i use a converted keg as a boil vessel. the thing is i never actually have an idea how much wort i've run into my kettle. i know how much i put in my mash tun, i know how much i absorbed in the mash, and i know how much i sparged with. am i to assume that i collect the sums of these? or...
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    harriburg Area Homebrewer help

    i have a keg i need the top cut off. i need a sabre saw....can anyone help? thanks
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    Shaken Carboy???

    is it ok to shake up your carboy in the secondary? i have an apricot pale ale sitting on apricot puree, is it ok to swirlt this bad boy up once in a while? thanks :mug:
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    Hit my targets! YaY!

    we brewed up a nice amber two weekends ago and today its hit its target FG. thrilled. this is rare for me that i hit target. tastes good but it hit its target! woo hoo. :mug: sorry, had to tell someone.....lol