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  1. rondemay

    Brett Concerns

    I don't know. I've never bretted anything before, but I don't think this is right... There is no pressure in my secondary. I wouldn't expect to see much activity, or any more fermentation, but a little standing pressure would make sense. I was worried about air leaking in, but it's a glass...
  2. rondemay

    Carbonation Technique

    Well... I was wondering everyone's opinion... I naturally primed and kegged a batch of brew last night and accidentally cold crashed it. It was probably near 40-45 degrees for a short time, and sat at high 50's for most of the night. I moved it into it's final location this morning, where it...
  3. rondemay

    Pitching on Yeast Cake

    So, despite knowing better, I had extra ingredients around and I decided to brew a new batch the day I was racking over my Saison. For the Saison I used the WY3711 (I washed and saved this too, because it is the most fantastic strain). After racking into the secondary and adding my Brett I...