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    Porch Rocker clone extract Recipe

    I have only seen shandy recipes I know that PR is a lager w/ lemon and spices. Is there anything out there? Thanks Steve
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    Adding spices

    Do I need to boil the spices in bourbon before adding to the secondary or can I just let the spices soak before adding them ? Thanks Steve
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    Adding spices

    Do I need to boil the spices in bourbon before adding to the secondary for my pumpkin ale or just let them soak in it ? Thanks Steve
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    Leftover cooked pumpkin

    Last year I cooked and froze pumpkin for my pumpkin ale. Unfortunately was able to brew it. Is the pumpkin still good ? Can I use it this year? Thanks , Steve50
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    Beer won’t pour??

    So I kegged a NE style IPA. It won’t come out of the tap. Syphoned the beer into a keg that I just cleaned and know works. Ran cleaner and sanitizer through but beer won’t flow? Help!! Steve
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    Carb pressure

    So I neèded to open the keg to remove the hop bag. I had previously set the gas at 30 for 24 hrs then at 16 for another 24 hrs. Since I had to open the keg should I repeat this ? As of now I set it at 16. There was some foam when I removed the bag. Thanks Steve
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    Dry hop in a keg ? Or too late?..

    I was supposed to dry hop in my secondary before transfer to keg, but I kegged the beer last week and now remembered I was missing a dry hop. I kegged and sealed the keg with CO2. Can I open the keg add the additional hops and seal it then carb it next week? Or did I miss the boat? Thanks Steve
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    pour stopped

    Just poured 3 beers and then the flow stopped, have gas. gauge set at 10 psi and reading that. What could be the problem? thanks , S:mug:teve
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    Crushing grains, what do u use

    I have been crushing mine with a hammer, laugh, but it's effective. I have been looking at purchasing a mill, guess 150 is the cheapest. Any other thoughts? Steve:tank:
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    Low carb level

    I brewed a gum all head clone. Added 3oz DME to 12 oz water, l kegged and let sit for 3 weeks. Went to pour last night and there was little carbonation. So I turned the psi to30, purged and set the psi to 12. Will this carb me up in a week. Should I set to pour at 8 psi? Thanks Steve:tank:
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    Natural carbing a keg

    Is 3 oz of DME to. 16 oz of water added to a 5 gal keg the correct amount to naturally carb the keg? Also how much co2 should I seal the keg with? Thanks Steve:mug:
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    Natural carbing 5 gals w/dme how much?

    How much dme and water to put in a 5 gal batch to naturally carb? Is it 1 1/4 dme to 12 oz water? Thanks steve
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    Graham cracker extract

    Going to be brewing a pumpkin ale and have heard that adding graham cracker extract gives the ale a nice touch. Anyone ever use it? If so how much added to a 5 gal batch? Steve:mug:
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    Natural carbing in keg

    Just a quick review. I added 12 oz water w/ 4 1/4 oz DME to the 5 gal batch set the co2 @ 30 psi. Purged . Set @ 30 psi again . Now I will leave the keg at room temp for 3 weeks chill for 3 days and then pour. Are my steps correct Steve
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    leftovers what can i do with them

    I have about 12 oz of simpsons golden promise and crisp crushed crystal left over from previous brewing. what can i make with these and what else would i need to purchase tahnks , steve
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    Measurement of dry ingredients

    Receipie called for 11 oz. of carmal malt .I used a measuring cup and measured out 11 oz in the cup. Now that I think of it did I need to weigh this? Am I royally screwed? Steve
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    use of a 10 gallon glass carboy

    A friend gave me a glass 10 gallon carboy and a cover that fits over it to keep out the light,and a stopper. Can I use this as a fermenter for a 5 gallon batch ? Steve
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    Drip tray to door

    Have a 6 inch drip tray . Picked up 1/2 in. Screws. Have seen many people not using this method. It is the method suggested in my setup instructions from beverage factory. Comments and suggestions. Steve
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    Replacing the co2 gauge

    Need to replace my co2 gague is this as simple as it appears? Steve
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    4weeks in primary?

    Ran into a problem w/co2. Have a hefe in the primary ending week 3 today. Will a few more days do any damage? Steve