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  1. oneawesomeguy

    Bottle conditioning question

    I think carbonation may be finished by one week, but conditioning usually takes about three weeks in bottles for ales. The rule of thumb is if the beer does not taste good, wait. Try again in a week and then again after two weeks (three weeks total). The carbonation may not improve, but I bet...
  2. oneawesomeguy

    Over my Head in Corny Kegs...

    I am still a newbie also, but I always thought "Corny" stood for Cornelius the brand. Anyhow, I think these forms and some specific YouTube videos are a great place to start. Bobby_M on these forums (aka 'Bobby from New Jersey') has some great YouTube videos on all subjects including kegging...
  3. oneawesomeguy

    Adding Extract at the End of the Boil?

    I have been hearing on here that I should add malt extract at the end of the boil (at around 15 min to sterilize). I am confused by this as most videos and information I have read have always said to add the malt extract right at the beginning of the boil (right after steeping any specialty...
  4. oneawesomeguy

    Cheap and Good Beer Recipes

    Share your recipes for really cheap beer you have made that came out pretty good. Include ingredients and process, approx. cost, and your rating (out of 50).
  5. oneawesomeguy

    Made My First Soda

    Thanks for sharing. Sounds fun to make. I think I am going to give it a try.
  6. oneawesomeguy


    So what do you guys think about plastic in brewing? I have always been a bit reluctant to using plastics in cooking and storing food (I use only glass, cast iron, and stainless steal). Does anybody know of any ill-effects using plastic may have on one's health? I remember back in high school my...
  7. oneawesomeguy

    Cost vs. Labor - Before I do anything!

    Please tell me where you buy your equipment :) Been looking for a mill and haven't seen anything under $45.
  8. oneawesomeguy

    Cost vs. Labor - Before I do anything!

    Good deal, but I would skip the bottles. Midwest has some other great deals. I bought my first kit from them. They charge you normal shipping costs based on weight and those bottles are going to bump your shipping costs way up. Just go to a local liquor store or supermarket and buy four...
  9. oneawesomeguy

    Brewtarget 1.2 - Free open source brewing software

    Similar situation here. When running from terminal in Ubuntu 9.10, the program opens, but I get many errors. I installed the .deb version and have qt and Phonon installed. [email protected]:~$ brewtarget ERROR: Could not open /home/chris/.config/brewtarget/database.xml for reading. ERROR: Could...
  10. oneawesomeguy

    How Long Does It Stay Fresh?

    Hey HBT! I have been thinking of buying ingredients in bulk so I can make beer whenever I want instead of needing to go to the LHBS or waiting a week to get my order from AHS. Cost is another benefit as buying in bulk tends to be a lot cheaper. I am curious to know what is the typical amount...
  11. oneawesomeguy

    Broken floating thermometer in wort- Lead? Steel?

    Not worth the risk if you ask me. Dump it. If it has mercury, you may poison yourself or your buddies. If you mess up with the siphoning, you could be drinking tiny bits of glass that will cut your insides and be very painful. My mom's dog died from eating something with glass in it.
  12. oneawesomeguy

    Didn't clean bottle caps

    You're fine. Some people don't even sanitize caps due to their minimal contact with the beer (e.g., people who use those O2-absorbing caps).
  13. oneawesomeguy

    Is one week in a secondary correct for certain beers?

    The first time I saw ' 1/4" ' I thought the same thing! I'm like "wow that is a lot of beer down the drain..." Then, I did a double-take.
  14. oneawesomeguy

    You Yanks drive me crazy!

    I bet you the U.S. will one day turn out like England where we officially use the metric system, but would still measure our weights in stones (seriously, what is a stone anyway, England?). Also, is it weird that I always convert everything into metric just to seem cooler?
  15. oneawesomeguy

    Using Bottling Bucket to Ferment and Fermenting Bucket to Bottle?

    I just watched the Alton Brown home brewing episode (see: https://www.homebrewtalk.com/f39/alton-brown-homebrew-you-tube-46677/). He does so many things wrong, but one thing I thought was interesting was his choice (maybe not intentionally) to use the bottling bucket to ferment the beer. After...