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    Adding Infusion From HLT to Mash Tun

    Re-reading How to Brew at the moment as I'm with an injury. Palmer says that thermodynamically that it's actually better to add the water to the grains rather than the other way around. He also points out that doing it that way can cause dry spots & dough balls. So the better method is adding...
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    Carrier KoolKing for Refer / lagering

    I have a 12k btu window unit Carrier Koolking - has anyone modified it to work as cooling unit for lagering or walk-in cooler (I might have a lot of beer).
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    Adding a Second Regulator & hose to an Insignia Kegerator

    Got lazy and bought a 2 tap kegerator from Bestbuy and I want to have my CO2 and regulators outside of the unit rather than inside. There is a provision for a single hose on the back of the kegerator but I'm wondering if anyone has added a second hose hole? And if so, where did they locate it...
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    Lager hit 1.007 - Is it too Late for Diacetyl Rest?

    This is my first attempt at making a lager. Brewed 11 days ago and was expecting 2 weeks of fermentation before doing the rest, checked the SG today and it's 1.007 (OG was 1.047). Tasted the sample, dry, thin body with a hint of sulphur taste.
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    Installing a Weldless Temp Well

    I’m in the process of building a 15 gallon fermentation vessel using a plastic closed head barrel. I want to add a bottom valve bulkhead, which is easy enough. It’s the temp well that’s proving to be difficult to plan out since there isn’t a through hole. Edit to clarify. The themowell...
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    Size of Orifice for Bayou BG10 Burner?

    I'm in the process of upgrading a burner setup, moving to high pressure. What size of orifice do I need to get the BG10 to burn clean?
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    DIY Coil Chiller - In the Wort or In the Cooler?

    Which way would work better? Just thinking that much like a radiator it would be a lot quicker to circulate the wort through the wort through a chiller immersed in an ice bath rather than the other way around. Sort of like a counter chiller but for poor people ;)
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    What are These Rafts on My Kit Cider?

    not a great pic, but I’m racking it to a corny anyway. Hopefully nothing bad from it.
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    DIY Smoked Grains?

    One of my favourite styles is rauchbier, is there any particular wood that is better for smoking the malt grain?
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    Tapping / Untapping Commercial Keg

    I picked up a small keg for an upcoming family function (cause I ain't willing to share my good stuff ;) ) and I'm wondering if I can tap the keg use it, untap to transport and then retap? Just wondering because I'm pretty sure we won't drink the entire keg but I also don't want it to go to...
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    Making a Custom Brew Bag

    What materials do I need to have to make a custom brew bag? What is the best mesh material? What type of thread? Anything special about the elastic? TIA!
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    Substitute for Cara Foam?

    Have s recipe calling this but my LBS was out of stock. Didn’t have dextrin either. Any ideas?
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    Brewing Near Beers?

    How would one go about this? Seems tempting to just do a low gravity wort but how would I get a super low ABV without sacrificing the taste & body?
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    Soft Drink Syrup & Corny Kegs?

    Sorry if I'm using the wrong forum. I can buy 20-litre bags of soft drink syrup from the local-ish Coke bottler but I don't have a 'proper' system. I thought it may be possible to field engineer a solution by mixing the syrup & water mixture in a corny keg & force carbonating. Has anyone done...
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    Using Filters to Clear the Brew?

    It happens that my wife has a wine filter system similar to Buono as part of her disused winemaking gear. My questions are how much do the filters affect the taste of the beer and how do the numbers correspond to the rate of filtration?
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    My LME Brew Day Plan - Please Critique

    Disinfect equipment Rinse Sanitize *Steep crystal malts in 1 litre of boiled water - off burner & covered 30 minutes Meanwhile, put the can of LME in hot tap water to allow it to pour easier Strain out steeped malts & return liquid to the burner Bring liquid to a temp of about 150* F Add DME...
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    Pedantic Pronunciation...

    Is it trub or troob? I'm on the short u vowel club but I don't want to look like an idiot.
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    YACCQ - Yet Another Cold Crashing Question - Using Salt on Ice

    I've not seen it mentioned, but when making ice-cream most people add salt to the ice so the milk/cream is exposed to the right temps. Wouldn't adding salt to the ice bath make sense for cold crashing too?