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    How much LOBSTER in beer??

    Had some fun a few weeks back doing a brewing challenge with lobster! With a local brewery too. You can check it out on YouTube on the Genus Not Brewing channel What’s the craziest thing any of you guys or gals have brewed with??
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    Pickle Beer (Kettle Soured Gose)

    Thought I'd share a fun one I'm in the middle of brewing. 50/50 pilsner/wheat, inoculated w/ 2 lb acid malt and has been sitting at 90F for about 48 hours. Will be boiling for another 5 min tonight with additions of 1 oz salt, 1 oz dill seed, 0.2 oz mustard seed, and 0.1 oz coriander seed...
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    Co-Pitch Saison Yeast Quantity

    Will be brewing a new saison this weekend (recipe below). Curious if anyone has experience w/ Mangrove Jack's French Saison yeast? Plan is a co pitch with Imperial Rustic and a small portion of the french. Specifically looking for opinions of the amount of french to use since french can take...
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    Foam in beer lines

    Recently I have been running into foamy beer lines that are leading to foamy pours. Keg is in a full size fridge with taps on the door so beer lines are cold. Also beer line is 7 or so feet long. I’ve put many kegs through this tap and not had any issues until the last 2 kegs. I can clearly...
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    Earl Grey Mild (Nitro)

    8# Maris Otter 0.5# Crystal 60 0.5# Oats - Toasted 0.125# Midnight Wheat 0.3oz CTZ - 60 minutes Imperial Pub @65 ramp to 69 Brewed on New Year's. Added 1.5oz of loose leaf earl grey cream tonight. Took a taste and base beer turned out great. Toasty with low-mod sweetness
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    Nitro Faucet

    First nitro beer on tap, CO2 at 65F to carbonate to 6 PSI. Pure nitrogen after for 3-4 days at cold temps and 40 PSI (using carb stone). Now running with 70/30 blend at 30 PSI. My question is regarding the pour. No major complaints, get a great cascade and after the cascade the head appears...
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    Wit Beer Split: Whiteout vs Kveiking

    Had a bunch of cilantro go to seed this year so decided to make a wit beer. The coriander was a smaller seed than the kind I've bought at the homebrew store and taste a lot different as well. More citrusy, less of the somewhat meaty flavor coriander has... Wanted to make it interesting by...
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    17# of cherries, now what?

    Ended up at a farm with cherries for 1$/pound so I left with 17 pounds of cherries. Majority are bings which are incredibly juicy, but I also got about 6-7 pounds of sour pie cherries. I know I want to rack a sour on these eventually and also will split up some of the 5 gallons of mead I have...
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    Saison + Kveik Delay Pitch

    Been doing many beers with Kveik yeast lately, specifically been using what was previously "Eastern WA Kveik Blend" from Imperial and is now available as the seasonal "Kveiking." VLike the blend a lot; been using about 1 tsp of slurry per 5.5 gal batch and fermenting ~95-98F. This beer is...
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    Kveik NEIPA w/ Cryo Dry Hopping

    Brewed a NEIPA on Memorial Day using a kveik blend from Imperial yeast. Process and recipe below. I'll be posting results in the coming weeks as well Grist: Pale ale 9.5# Chit 2.5# F. Oats 2.25# Acid 0.25# Rice hulls added to mash Mashed @ 150 Hops (full leaf): Columbus 0.5 oz - 30 mins...
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    Schwarzbier 2 ways

    Brewed 2 schwarzbiers 11 and 9 days ago, keeping most things the same except the grist. Going for one being more malt/bread forward and the other being more roast forward (w/ out getting burnt character). On day 2 of diacetyl rest today. Results and pics to come after some lagering. Recipes...
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    BA Rye IPA

    Any tips for recipe formulation for a rye IPA to be aged in a whiskey barrel? This will be the second beer headed into the barrel. I plan on a boiled water rinse prior to transfer after primary fermentation. Was considering potentially making a hot hop tea to use for my barrel rinse, but not...
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    Rye Wine Decoction and Partigyle Brew Day

    So last weekend, I had planned for a big brew day with ~25lbs of grain, close to 50% rye malt. In order to not worry much about a stuck mash, I planned for a BIAB in my 9 gallon kettle. Worst case, I would use ~1qt/lb for my mash thickness. First thing to go wrong was as I was filling my...
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    Sour Pumpkin in a Pumpkin

    Looking for any feedback from anyone who may have done this or something similar. I will be making a sour soon with some pumpkin and placing this into a 50lb pumpkin I just picked up. I plan to prep the brewed pumpkin by roasting in over and adding at the end of the boil. The vessel pumpkin...
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    Brutally Brewed Brut

    After tasting two different Bruts that some breweries are doing up in WA, I am going to go for my first attempt at this style. Going to brew on 8/26 and looking for any feedback or tips to get this dry style of IPA. 6 gallon batch (30 minute boil) Grains: Marris Otter 1823 - 8# 2-Row - 4#...
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    Fresh raspberries in wheat beer

    Made a wheat beer the other day... Grain Bill White wheat 4.5# Pilsner 3# Flaked wheat 1# Light Munich 0.5# Hops EKG 0.5 oz 45 mins EKG 1 oz 15 mins Water 0.5 tsp CaCl 1 tsp gypsum Yeast Wyeast 1010 Then I went to a local brewery/berry farm and ended up with 7lbs of raspberries. So I got...
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    Saison for a hot, 3 day weekend in George, WA

    Putting together 2 beers for labor day weekend. This is beer #2 which I want to do a saison and let the temps fly during the ferment. Here is the recipe I have, looking for any thoughts or feedback and will post results for these beers as well Mash @146F Vienna 8.5# White Wheat 2.0# Flaked Oats...
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    Session IPA for a hot, 3-day weekend in George, WA

    Putting together 2 beers for labor day weekend. Trying to keep at least one of them sessionable and came up with this simple recipe. Interested to see what everyone thinks. Mash @152F with pH of 5.3-5.4 2-Row 5.5# Bairds Marris Otter 1823 4.0# Columbus 0.5oz for 45 min Columbus 0.5 oz for 15...
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    First decoction and first partigyle

    Going to be trying my first partigyle and attempting my first decoction mash as well. Hoping to not to get too mushy of a mash for all the run off I'll be doing. Considering adding some rice hulls after my last decoction to the mash to help out. Any thoughts? Recipe: Doppelbock 5gal...
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    Partigyle Doppelbock->Dunkel

    Going to be trying to do not only my first partigyle, but want to try doing a decoction as well. Hoping to not to get too mushy of a mash for all the run off I'll be doing. Considering adding some rice hulls after my last decoction to the mash to help out. Any thoughts? Also here is my...