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    Can I combine scr with pid?

    I'm in the process of making a new brewery build, using a 3500W element. It will be controlled with brewmaniac software. Now, for a couple of reasons, if possible, I'd like to limit the power of the heater to say, 3000W as this will put in, or near enough to ULWD territory, as well as give me...
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    Drop down hooks, where to buy?

    I've been looking for drop down hooks, like pictured here but so far I haven't found any for sale anywhere. Does anyone know if these are sold on their own at all?
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    Typicalnervecells typical diy electric brewing build.

    Decided to make a little build log of my ongoing electric brewery build. This will be my second brew setup, although the first one was always intended to be more of a prototype consisting of a plastic bucket with arduino controlled heating elements. It works well enough, but I don't like using a...
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    Hole size for heater element, malt pipe mesh size?

    After waiting 5 months I have gotten my new stock pots, which will become my next brewing setup in due time. I plan on using hole punchers, but I'm wondering if anyone has used them for this specific heater element? If so, what size? I'm thinking 32.5mm should do the trick, but do tell. US $26.8...
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    Grainfather overflow pipe thread?

    I'm thinking of just getting a grainfather overflow pipe for my diy brewery, but the locking nut seems vastly overpriced for what it is. Does anyone know if uses a common thread size?
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    Mesh for mash tun bottom filter

    Hi! I am planning to make a new brewing setup, And I'm looking for suggestions as to what mesh to go for? From some quick googling it seems like two separate mesh plates are common, one fine, and somewhat courser.
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    Looking for kettle heater elements

    Hi folks! I've made a few brews using a cheap diy plastic bucket with arduino controlled heater elements, but now I'm looking to make a new setup using stainless steel stockpots. I have been looking all over for suitable elements, but I am having a hard time. Ideally I would like two elements...