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  1. J

    Stripped Sensor

    Tripped on the wire and pulled it right out of the sensor tonight. Where can I buy a new one of these guys, get it cheap and asap? Thanks guys! 8
  2. J

    Chugger Pump Problem....

    Have a single tier stand with two pumps. Pump A first and pump B second. Pump B stopped turning on although you can see the fan turn for half a second the motor doesn't run. Took the head off of pump B and the motor works. Put the head back on and it doesn't turn on again. Moved the head over to...
  3. J

    Bulk orders for cheap

    Where's the cheapest place on the net to buy grains, hops, and yeast in bulk? Looking for 100 lb base grain, etc. thanks all!
  4. J

    Well, Im done with glass carboys!

    Started brewing at 7am, made a big ol' stout with an OG of 1.123! And then the glass carboy broke. 6 hours down the drain along with 6 gallons of dreams and hopes. Uggghhhh what a kick in the nuts...
  5. J

    50L German Slider Keg

    Got two of these kegs to make keggles and having a lil trouble taking the spear out, anyone know how? Got the pressure & O-ring out so far, might just have to cut it out from here. As always, boxer pup is interested and wanting to help. Thanks in advance!
  6. J

    PVC/Vinyl Taste...

    Third brew this year (not consecutive) that had a strong vinyl taste, similar to a freshly unpacked pool raft or something. The first two were dryhopped with stockings so I gave up on that, but the third never touched stockings.... The second I just pulled out of the cold crash and had some...
  7. J

    Wild Yeast Infection?

    I know, I know, another "is this infected post?" but its different cause I know it is. A friend and I brewed a SMaSH with wet hops, what a PITA!!! Ball valve was clogged from the boil kettle so my friend dipped his hand in StarSan and then unclogged it. We siphoned it into the carboy, tossed the...
  8. J

    Sanke to Corny Setup

    I have to transfer beer from a Sanke to a Corny. Any easy ideas to do this with a pretty highly carbonated beer and be ready to drink shortly thereafter?
  9. J

    FT: Pliny x3 (bottled 4/25/13)

    Iso Surly, 3 Floyd's, Cigar City, Heady Topper, Hopslam, FBS, open to any other ideas....
  10. J

    Brewery Membership

    I love the idea of The Bruery's Reserve Society (for a quarterly fee your shipped several high end beers, get access to buy more, discounts, first access, etc.) However, my drinking buddy is already a member, any ideas of who else, at this level, offers a similar membership? I dont really care...
  11. J

    FT: Russian River

    Will be stopping by the brewery this weekend and interested in trading! Open to offers, limited to availability. Looking for Heady Topper, 3F ZD, etc for PtE or maybe some RR sours for sours/stouts...
  12. J

    Curious about my mash temps....

    My mash temps have always varied wildly. Too high, too low, all over the damn place. It's been a couple months since I've brewed and its gotten me thinking- my thermometer is a probe at the end of a stainless steel wire. I've read recently that if water goes above the probe, it can come down...
  13. J

    Stupid refractometer question

    Looking into buying a refractometer & read they're inaccurate in the presence of alcohol. So are these only good for OG and preboil, leaving FG for the hydrometer? Is this worth it?
  14. J

    Costco Chest Freezer

    Forgot the brand but their on sale for $175 at my local Costco. Just an FYI.
  15. J

    Keezer Collar Stain...

    Im making a collar with 2x6s and then adding a nice 1x8 faceboard around the outside. My question is should I stain between these two woods where I am going to be gluing them together? On another note, after a corny has had several beers pulled from it, can I store it on its side, gas side...
  16. J

    Just went all grain....

    First attempt with a DIY 10 gallon cooler as a mash tun. Short story- got clogged multiple times, was unable to maintain temps which dropped even more while attempting a stainless steel braid, around 135 if my thermometer was accurate... All in all my OG came out to 1.042 when it should have...
  17. J

    BIAB pictorial with sparge.....

    I've been searching for a post on here that I saw a while ago so sorry for the redundancy. It was BIAB pictorial done by a guy with long hair and possibly a camouflage green shirt. He did it with a sparge or dunk and I wanted to reference for an upcoming brew day with my 7.5 & 5 gallon kettles...
  18. J

    Fermentation in a corny?!?!?

    Has a corny ever been turned into a primary fermenter? I've been thinking about it and can't really come up with why not. Could set up an airlock through a spare lid or through one of the locks maybe and then just transfer into another from there... Any thoughts?
  19. J

    Air Stone

    Just bought an air stone from my LHBS for around $36. For just the stone, is that worth it or should I get one online for a fraction of the price? Should've looked at the price before I left.
  20. J

    Bottling via Kegging

    Two questions- I was wondering if it was possible to carbonate in a keg and then use the system to bottle, thus reducing sediment from carbonation sugars? Also, when kegging, what's the general consensus and benefits of using 1/2 of the carbonation sugars vs. zero sugars and all CO2? Sorry if...