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  1. J

    California 15gal Keggle, 48qt Mash Tun, 54k BTU Propane Burner

    SoCal, LA/OC. I'm looking to sell my setup that I've built over the years. 15gal Keggle, 48qt mash tun, 54k BTU propane burner. All the details are in the craigslist ad. Local pickup preferred but I'll meet you somewhere if you are seriously interested. Asking $180 OBO Don't worry I'm...
  2. J

    California SOLD - FREE Fermentation Chamber

    It’s gone!
  3. J

    Black Toad Ale Clone - Help

    Hi All, My wife recently found Black Toad ale at Trader Joe's and is asking me to brew something very similar. From my research and emailing the brewery there are no recipes available. Here are the stats I have OG: 1.058 FG: 1.018 ABV: 5.2% (The bottle says 5.3% but I measured the FG and...
  4. J

    Lager: hazy when cold, clear when warm

    I am having a weird experience with my first lager that could just be a noob thing. I've been brewing ales for 8 years and this is my first lager. Oktoberfest/Marzen brewed with Wyeast 2124 Whirlfloc in the boil Fermented at 60* for 1.5 weeks (lowest I can do) Brought up to 68* for 1 week Back...
  5. J

    Wyeast 2575-PC Kolsch II Yeast

    Shot in the dark cause it's been a while since Wyeast released 2575, but anyone have this in their vault? I'm thinking about a festbeir-style ale and this strain seems to clear up better than Kolsch.
  6. J

    Bière de Garde and Saison yeast in BJCP style?

    Hey All, I recently entered a Bière de Garde that I have brewed a few times in a local comp under 24C. The beer scored a 31. I'm mainly looking to double check my understanding of the style and variance within it. Most of the low score was due to my yeast choice: Yeast Bay Wallonian...
  7. J

    California Romancing the Beer Homebrew Comp 2017

    Romancing the Beer competition prelim rounds started yesterday and are continuing with the final judging this Saturday 2.11. http://www.romancingthebeer.com/ I entered a beer in 24C Biere de Garde category. I enjoyed the beer and thought it was technically solid, but am excited to get...
  8. J

    Comp and Style Question 24C. Bière de Garde

    This might just be too subjective but, I'm entering a biere de garde into a competition. The three sub-classes are based on color: blonde, amber, brown. My beer is on the edge and I'm having trouble declaring which sub-class to submit the beer into (sub-class is required for the comp). BJCP...
  9. J

    California LA/OC Wine Bottles: 24 750ml Bordeaux Style

    I have 24 750ml green Bordeaux style wine bottles for sale. These bottles are clean inside, have never been used, and are still in their boxes. $20 for the lot. South LA County, North OC. They are basically these:
  10. J

    Grain by the ounce / Fractional Amount

    Is there anyone online still selling grain by the oz? I was using Austin Homebrew Supply and loved that I could but 4oz of a specialty grain here and there to build out my recipe. Or back in the day Brewmasters would also do this. If you are not buying bulk, who are you using?
  11. J

    ISO: Wyeast 3725-PC

    I really like Wyeast 3725-PC Biere de Garde and have been using it for a few years. I went to spin up my washed yeast and there is nothing viable. Anyone have some 3725-PC around still? I'm willing to work out a good trade or just pay.
  12. J

    California So Cal - FREE XPS

    Some items were shipped to my work in 3/4in. XPS. This is the stuff that you can use to make a fermentation chamber. I have measured out my pieces and there is still a lot left. I think you could measure out a Son of a Fermentation Chamber and double line it to make the wall 1.5in thick...
  13. J

    Another Stuck Fermentation Thread

    I brewed Palmer's Belladonna Took's Oaked Mild for the second time on 6/15. The OG was 1.047. Right now the brew is sitting in primary at 1.016. Here is the recipe: 6 lbs of Maris Otter Pale malt 1 lbs Crystal 60 0.5 lbs Briess Special Roast 0.5 lbs Flaked Oatmeal (toasted at 350* for...
  14. J

    Orange Wine with Wyeast 3725

    I'm currently hatching a plan! A local store has naval oranges on sale for $0.10 a pound. At that price my mind immediately thinks "brewing ingredient". Moving beyond an orange hef, etc. I was hoping to make an orange wine and trying to brew with what I have on hand. What kind of feedback do...
  15. J

    Firestone Walker Sticky Monkey Clone

    I was just wondering if anyone has had FW's Sticky Monkey by itself enough to take a guess at the grain bill. I had it a while back but don't know enough to reproduce a recipe. Their website is usually helpful but woefully secret on this brew. Here's what I have from some research and guess...
  16. J

    New laterals after harvest?!?

    I planted a cascade rhizome this year and trained up two bines that grew about 20 ft. It was all vertical growth though, no laterals on either bine. They put out a decent about of cones for a first year and I harvested a couple of weeks ago. Now, post-harvest, one of the bines sprouted...
  17. J

    FREE Wine Bottles - LA Area Pick-up

    I've come into about 100 wine bottle. Keeping some for myself but I don't need this many. Most of them are cleaned and labels removed. All 750ml in different shapes, colors, and sizes. No champagne bottle for your apfelwein though. None of these bottles will / should hold a carb. PM me...
  18. J

    DIY Stubborn

    Don't know if this is General Chit-chat but oh well... I'm guessing lots of people in here are stubborn about their projects. Let's find out how stubborn, share an experience with us. I thought of this because the cooler I use for ferm temp control had a leak in it. Its old and has some...
  19. J

    Cream / Sweet Stout Feedback

    Working on developing a cream stout recipe. This is a 5.5 gal PM batch. Not sure about the yeast yet. I think Wyeast 1272 at low temps would be nice but also thinking of a more traditional British yeast. I love Munich malt but will this be cloying? Amount Item 3.00 lb...
  20. J

    Cream / Sweet Stout Feedback

    moved this to recipe forum