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    Mosaic IPA Recipe

    Just curious if anyone has a recipe to share. Midwest has a Fuggles IPA kit. Sounds interesting. Have been wanting to try Mosaic for a while now. If not, I can order the Fuggles IPA kit. I brew AG. Thanks, Bill
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    Recipe question

    Original recipe 9 pounds 2 row 1.5 pounds Munich Light .5 pounds crystal 20 1.7 oz Fuggles 60 minutes 1 oz UK Kent Goldings 30 minutes 1 oz UK Kent Goldings 3 minutes .5 oz American Crystal hop pellets for dry hopping English Ale Yeast OG 1.052-1.056 FG 1.012-1.014 Recipe made...
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    Brewing (2) recipes today

    Making 5 gallons of Ed Wort's Haus Pale Ale and 5 gallons of charlie Papazian's Good Life Pale Ale. Both sound delicious. So far everything is going great. Both mashed in. Hitting all numbers so far. Just mashing today. Will boil and cool and pitch tomorrow. I get off at 4 am so nothing...
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    HBU to IBU conversion clarification

    In Papazian's 3rd edition of "The Complete Joy of Homebrewing" his recipes are in HBUs. If I understand correctly, you just take the HBU number and divide by AA%. Is this correct? Making his Good Life Pale Ale on pages 294-296. My Fuggles are 4.2% AA. The HBUs called for in the recipe are 8...
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    2 recipe questions

    1st question, I brewed a 5 gallon batch of Biermuncher's Centennial Blonde Easter Sunday. It sat in the primary until 2 days ago when I racked it to the keg. It was in the kitchen on the floor the whole time. Will there be any unwanted tastes or smells? I have made it previously but always...
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    Got 3 Corny pin locks in a cl buy, now what?

    I bought a bunch of AG stuff from a guy on CL and he included 3 corny kegs with a 5 lb CO2 cylinder with a newer dual gauge regulator. I work 60-75 hours per week so I do not get much time for research. I know I want to build a keezer but I live in a 1 bedroom efficiency. I have room for a 5 cu...
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    CL Score

    All-grain beer brewing equipment/system. These are heavy revere-wear copper bottom boil and mash pots that have false copper bottoms with ball valves and braided stainless steel hoses. They hold temperature very nicely. Main pots are some of the last (Revere stopped making the copper bottom 5...
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    MO+NB+T-58 first smash

    Brewed this yesterday. 3 lbs MO .2 oz NB 60 .1 oz NB 20 .2 oz NB FO 2/3 packet T-58 2 Gallons Brew day went great. T-58 started in under 4 hours. Went to work came home nothing at the airlock. Shook it a bit and gurgling away nicely. Hoping the NB and T-58 work well together. Going to...
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    Used food container as Fermentor for small batches?

    I recently purchased some pretzels and animal crackers that came in large plastic containers. 1 is 1.5 gallons and the other is 1.88 gallons. They are similar to big mouth bubblers and are HDPE 1. Really interested in trying some test batch smash recipes. However, I do not want 5 gallons of beer...
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    Igloo cooler question

    I have the opportunity to get 2 more 10 gallon water coolers for free. My question is this; What if I put ball valves in both and used them to put ice water in to run through a wort chiller. Use a pump for recirculating the ice water. Thanks; Bill
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    What can I make with these ingredients?

    I have 8 pounds 2 row 1 pound vienna 1 pound caramel 10L 1 pound cara-pils 2 oz hallertau 4.7% 2 oz Kent goldings 4.9% US-05 Thanks; Bill
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    Scored some brew equipment on CL

    I got : 1: 6.5 gal. Italian glass carboy 1: 6.5 gal. plastic fermentation bucket 1: 6.5 gal. bottling bucket 1: carboy brush 1: carboy drill type brush?? 1: carboy funnel 1: large stirring spoon 1: airlock 1: autosiphon 1: Hydrometer set of 4 brewing cds by Northern Brewer Was supposed to have...
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    Mr. Beer Blonde Ale "upgrade"

    I have a Mr. Beer Blonde Ale kit. I can extract, 1 bag booster, and yeast under lid. I will have some Cara-pils, Vienna, and Crystal 10L left from my Centennial Blonde. I also have some Centennial and Cascade hops left as well. I will have half a pound of each grain and half an ounce of...
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    Thoughts about Northern Brewer Quad Core kit

    http://www.northernbrewer.com/shop/small-batch-quad-core-kit.html Thinking about getting this for SMASH sessions. I am not sure if I prefer hop heavy beers or malty beers. Would this be a good way to figure that out? I figure this is a great way to learn the processes and dial in my...
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    1st BIAB attempt coming up

    I am doing a 2.5 gallon Centennial Blonde next weekend. Here is the recipe from HBT: 3.50 lb Pale Malt (2 Row) US (2.0 SRM) Grain 79.91 % 0.38 lb Cara-Pils/Dextrine (2.0 SRM) Grain 8.68 % 0.25 lb Caramel/Crystal Malt - 10L (10.0 SRM) Grain 5.71 % 0.25 lb Vienna Malt (3.5 SRM) Grain 5.71...
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    2nd batch-AG, BIAB, or Extract

    I have only done one brew. It was a Mr. Beer Golden Cowboy Lager. It turned out pretty well. I have the equipment to do BIAB minus a brew bag. I also want to do 2.5 gallon batches. Looking to make 2-3 batches this weekend. I have 3 LBKs. Or I can buy fermentation buckets this weekend...
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    Old Cooper Blonde refill Recipe question

    I got a Mr. Beer deluxe kit last year. I still have the Blonde Ale kit. I am thinking about replacing the booster with 1 pound of their DME. Any other changes I should make?
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    Is this a good deal?

    (8) 5 gal Corny kegs , (2) 3 gallon kegs - pin locks with extra Orings. CO2 system including bottle, regulator, 3 way distributor with shutoffs, perlick faucets, hoses, etc....to setup a fridge conversion. All working $150 Thanks; Bill
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    metal drum projects

    I just found out today that I can get 35 and 55 gallon metal drums for free. They are sealed. 1 had about 2 inches of water in the bottom. The other was completely dry. I plan to turn 1 55 gallon drum into a fermentation chamber. I will cut it in half add some hinges and clasps. I will also...
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    Centennial Blonde question

    Sent email to my lhbs for Biermunchers Centennial Blonde extract recipe. Here is the recipe I sent followed by his response. I have only brewed 1 Mr. Beer kit. This will be my second batch. I could possibly do a BIAB if I had step by step instructions. If BIAB is recommended I can email my lhbs...