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    Is general consensus now to NOT use a secondary?

    You put new labels on each bottle every time? Round sticker label on the cap is way easier.
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    Is general consensus now to NOT use a secondary?

    Why bother taking the labels off? Is it personal preference, or is there something that will affect the beer?
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    12oz vs 22 oz

    Are there any special cleaning/sanitizing steps? Have been interested in using these types of bottles (the flip top Grolsch-style).
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    Cleaning overkill?

    Thanks for the quick replies yooper and whitehause. Glad to hear I can save some time (and money).
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    Cleaning overkill?

    So am I to understand that if the stuff is put away clean, it's okay to just sanitize on brew day? I think I've been going overkill with my cleaning/sanitizing as well. After brewing or bottling I clean all plastic/glass with that pink powder stuff (chloro tri-phosphates?) and brew kettle with...