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    what is the earliest i can open bottles

    :fro: im excited opening my beer, its only been in bottle for 1 day... but i can't wait... when will i get alittle carbonation....... does the bottle effect any tastes besides carbonation.
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    My readings dont move.

    I dont have my ingriedent list. 5 gallon extract - honey brown. 2.5-3 gallons boiled, topped off with water. On brew day i took my reading: 1.010 (didnt stir well after reading) 2 Weeks later moved to secondary 1.020 2 more weeks later moved to bottle 1.010 Whats going on here...
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    Is this plastic bottle good?

    I have these 20oz plastic bottles..they are kinda thick...(clear) ---contents were carbonated sparkling water---- i bought plastic screw tops *from ahs* they fit perfect... i squeeze hard no air pressures looses and i dont hear any sound...... what do you think?? i really dont feel like...
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    Why is head so good?

    Ok, we know what your thinking but this is serious. Why when you people rate beers you talk about "the head"? In my opionion (im a rookie) head is bad, cause it just gets in the way of my drinking.......when i pour my beer, i try to get NO HEAD. :drunk:
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    what can i assume my abv is?

    i made a honey brown.. i think i had 1.02 at the begging (i think) 2 weeks later i tranferred to secondary, it is aat 1.01 ---------------- what will abv likely be?
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    Michelob Amber Bock

    Many say this beer stinks,but i like, how do i make a beer like it? easy to drink like 15 with that taste.
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    1-2-3 method? How does it work.

    Hey i just brewed a HONEY BROWN , its been a long time since i brewed, i kinda forgot some stuff... FEB2 -brewed... its been 9 days, should i be transferring to a secondary now for 2 weeks? Oh and how do i transfer to secondary. do i just pour?
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    HomeBrew stores in NYC area?

    anyone know
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    Get reviewed?

    New to this still , is there somewhere that can diagnois my beer for me? My beer got a metally taste (belgin white_
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    rookie. -

    my first label, its weak but hey.
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    My first secondary.

    I used a secondary for the first time. there wasnt any action in the airlock, normal?
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    How much ABV on 1.0099

    THATS MY ABV Final read. i dont have A OG. what would you guesss?
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    NYC Brewfest.

    Sept 14, on south street seaport. anyone go? i went last year it was awsome! i just wish the Glass was bigger.. 58 brewers w/ most have 4 different beers Edited some info for you: www.nybrewfest.com 45$ The 2nd annual NY Brewfest presented by Heartland Brewery will be held on Friday...
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    ANYONE been to brew city in WORCHESTER,MA? Is food any good? Is it worth going? http://www.BREW-CITY.COM i'm going to go, and hoping for magic hat 9 salmon. thursday food looks good: Magic Hat #9 Glazed Salmon Saranac Black Forest Beef Tips Guinness Stout Fried Seafood Trio...
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    I'm going to BOSTOn! Where do i get beer??

    On my way to boston next week.. I know of sam adams brewery and boston beerworks.... Anyone know of any good breweries in that general area, i can stop at on my drive up there on the way? Im from NYC
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    How do i make or get a blow off?

    my air lock is in my secondary what can i do to make a quick blowoff tube system, on a brew i want to do now...... so that i can brew today, without waiting 5 days for the mail to get my next airLock..
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    When do i take out of secondary?

    I did blue moon extract kit. Primary I did 13 days. Now I'm in secondary how long should I keep that going???
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    where do i get labels?

    :fro: i never labelleed yyet,...i got this sticker paper.. its a reg size paper ...then it just peels off.... i print a few on page, and then cut them out, kinda annoying.... and i dont know if they really stick what do u use?
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    What should I brew? JETS SEASON TICKET HOLDER!

    I just got season tickets for the JETS. I want to have something for opening day. I'm not really sure what to brew. I just don't know what to brew. My first brew was a decent amber...kinda weak, My second was an OK blueberry ale. My third was a good magic hat number 9 clone. My forth is...
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    My AHS Blue moon extract brew pix

    Nothing to special here, pretty simple stuff,. :ban: