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  1. EthenWithAnE

    For Sale Picobrew Zymatic for Sale (NoVA)

    Still looking to sell my trusty Zymatic ($1000, does not include shipping...originally posted for $1200)...mid 2020 I upgraded to a larger size home-brew system. This machine has worked great for me with no errors throughout the life of the machine. Purchased in late 2016 for ~$2k (current model...
  2. EthenWithAnE

    Virginia Picobrew Zymatic for Sale

    Selling my trusty Zymatic ($1200, does not include shipping) so that I can upgrade to a larger size home-brew system! This machine has worked great for me with no errors throughout the life of the machine. Purchased in late 2016 for ~$2k (current model is ~$2500) and have brewed on it 30ish...
  3. EthenWithAnE

    California 10gal Blichmann HERMS setup - asking $2500 OBO

    For sale as pictured, the only exception being the chiller. Lots of fun to brew on and all equipment is very well maintained, but I have a 2yr old and a baby on the way and I'm selling it all off for a smaller counter top system. Brew setup comes with: 10gal Blichmann MT, HLT, BK (with...
  4. EthenWithAnE

    California Homebrew Gear (Brew Stand, Kettles, fittings) - Los Angeles

    I am selling off my home brewery. I'd like to sell the kettles together but will consider breaking it apart as time goes on. The big stuff is for local pickup only. Will consider shipping smaller stuff. Brew Steel Brew Stand - $1200 - 2 burner stand, fitted for propane. 2 pump mounts. 1 mount...
  5. EthenWithAnE

    SS Convoluted Counterflow Chiller

    I'm selling my stainless convoluted counter flow chiller for $125. Looking for local buyers (Los Angeles / SoCal) first as shipping costs may be $$$. Works fine and in excellent condition, just doesn't really fit my brew stand very well so I'm moving on to a plate chiller. ]Regularly priced...
  6. EthenWithAnE

    Auber Temperature Controller

    Hey all, I'm looking for two used Auber Temp Controllers (Model: SYL-2352). Here's a link. http://www.auberins.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1&products_id=3 Anyone have some extras laying around??
  7. EthenWithAnE

    Your leftover ball lock parts

    Random shot in the dark here.... I'm slowly assembling a new system. Am on the lookout for the following pieces. If you got em laying around and want to get rid of them, I'm your guy. Most of this stuff is ball lock assembly pieces. Stainless steel male quick disconnect 1/2" MPT...
  8. EthenWithAnE

    1 Farm to Table GABF Ticket

    Ticketmaster screwed my buddy this morning and we're one ticket short for our group. If anyone has an extra please let me know! Please note, this is for the Friday Farm to Table session, not just a regular GABF ticket. Thanks
  9. EthenWithAnE

    Thermometer Fluctuation on Blichmann Boilermaker

    Yesterday when brewing I noticed that the thermometer on my blichmann was fluctuating about 3 or 4 degrees (during mash) depending on which extreme it was in regards to its tilt. I.e. if I tilted the thermometer all the way to the up position, it dropped 3-4deg and vice versa if I dropped it...