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  1. J

    Microbrewery semi auto canning machines

    So basically we are starting a microbrewery in Europe, which will produce around 5000 litres of beer per month or around 1320 gallons. So my question is it possible to go cans on such a small scale or bottling is the only option? I have an offer for semi auto bottling machine which costs...
  2. J

    Possible reasons why my beer went sour

    So I've been making double batch in a day, one BIAB and one on Grainfather both about 7 - 8 litres. One was Amber Ale and the other Saison. Everything went fine and I splitted a packet of Safale US-05. Yeast was pitched at 25°C and fermentation was 18 - 21°C. Both weren't opened since there is...
  3. J

    Blueberry IPA

    So I've got this IPA recipe I want to try and I want to add blueberries for color and flavor. So my question is when should I add them? While boiling in hop bag? Dip them in vodka and when racking beer to secondary? Or just both? Also I'd like to know what's the procedure for vodka sanitizing...
  4. J

    Beer with bacon?!

    Trying to connect things that I love, beer and bacon obviously. 1. What style of beer would be appropriate to be brewed with bacon (I was thinking porter/stout). 2. When to add bacon? During mash, boil or afterwards? And at what times (minutes)
  5. J

    Foaming after opening the bottle

    So I'm usually making IPAs and give 2.2 units of sugar for carbonation. So after carbonation is done and I open my bottles there usually bubbles start to rise from bottom and in like a minute they fill the space thats not beer. Is this normal or should I add less sugar, since sometimes I open...
  6. J

    Pellicle infected IPA to sour?

    So, I brewed an IPA had it fermented for 10 days, then I dry hopped and beer got infected with pellicle. I won't be able to drink beer fast enough till it turns sour, so I was thinking about adding some fruits and let it sit for a few months. Is it a good or a bad idea?
  7. J

    Fermentation temperature too high

    So I've made a batch when the temps were supposed to drop to around 20 degrees celsius for like 10 days and ofcourse after 2 days the outside temperature is 29 degrees and my fermenting beer is swinging from 21 degrees up to 27-28, what does this mean for my beer? Should I even bottle it or is...
  8. J

    1.060 OG fermented down to 1.013 in 3 days?

    So I've made a BIAB batch with OG 1.060, woth safale yeast 05. Is it possible that it fermented it down so fast? Usually it took around 7 days with same beer and yeast but thia time the temperature was 25°C instead of usual 20°C could that be the factor?
  9. J

    Brewing with fruits

    So until now I've made around 15 batches of diffrent IPA's, and now I'm considering trying out an IPA with fruit addition. I've noticed quite some fruits I can use, but if I got it right the easisest to use is orange peels? But also I have homegrown blackberries, raspberries, peaches and...
  10. J

    Hops Schedule

    So I'm brewing with BIAB method, and I got left some Centennial and Cascade hops, so I would like to try brewing an IPA with those two with combination of Maris Otter and Munich. Recipe: 12 lbs Maris Otter 1.7 lbs Munich Mash at 152 degrees F for 60 minutes. 60 minutes boil: 1.25 oz...
  11. J

    Brewing and fermentation in same stainless steel container

    So I'm considering to buy a 100-150 liter standing stainless steel container, in which I could brew in a bag and after I'm finished brewing, leave it to ferment in the same container. Is this possible and does it affect the beer. Or should I buy 2 of them and at the end transfer the wort to...
  12. J

    Force carbonating

    I'm sorry if somewhere there is the same topic, I just couldn't find it. So my question is, if I force carbonate after the fermentation is over, that means that the beer is already drinkable and done? Or should still sit some time? And in that case is it really worth to force carbonate if it...
  13. J


    So on Thursday I've been making new IPA batch with BIAB method. The recipe was: Volume: 25 gallons 9.92 pounds Maris Otter 2.64 pounds Vienna 1.32 pounds Munich 0.44 pound Cara 20 MD Hops: Warrior, Amaraillo, Simcoe Pre-boil gravity: 1.040 OG: 1.060 Yeast: Safale US-05 So it's been 45 hours...
  14. J

    Trying to raise my OG

    So I'm quite new to brewing and I've made 4 batches of beer until now, first one was extract, other 3 are all grain with BIAB tehnique. My favourite kind of beer is IPA and I've already made 2 batches of it, one is already done and I really like the taste. Last two batches I've made I was more...