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  1. J

    Video Games

    This made me lol, kinda off subject...
  2. J

    Belgian Dark Strong Ale Westvleteren 12 Clone - Multiple Award Winner

    Brewed last night, OG 1096. Placed on chamber with heat belt. Fly sparged. Looking forward to this one!
  3. J

    Stripped Sensor

    How do I figure out which wire goes to which solenoid? There's 3 for each one....
  4. J

    Stripped Sensor

  5. J

    Stripped Sensor

    Tripped on the wire and pulled it right out of the sensor tonight. Where can I buy a new one of these guys, get it cheap and asap? Thanks guys! 8
  6. J

    Chugger Pump Problem....

    Thanks Bobby and great shop, products, and vids! We ended up taking that off and noticed some kind of black corrosion build up. It started running again, thanks!
  7. J

    Chugger Pump Problem....

    Have a single tier stand with two pumps. Pump A first and pump B second. Pump B stopped turning on although you can see the fan turn for half a second the motor doesn't run. Took the head off of pump B and the motor works. Put the head back on and it doesn't turn on again. Moved the head over to...
  8. J

    ISO : The Rare Barrel

    I'm a member and interested in a trade. Pm me with what you got and I'll send you what I have when I get off work"...
  9. J

    Prairie Bomb

    Bomb occasionally graces the shelves in Cali. Gotta know where & when to look. If your from the Bay Area, I can make some suggestions...
  10. J

    Stone Xocoveza Mocha Stout

    CO2 will burn when inhaled
  11. J

    Bulk orders for cheap

    Thanks giraffe!
  12. J

    Bulk orders for cheap

    Where's the cheapest place on the net to buy grains, hops, and yeast in bulk? Looking for 100 lb base grain, etc. thanks all!
  13. J

    FT: BA Mexican Cake (have all). ISO: list

    Can't send a message from iPad- DBH & a WA for a set of 3? Funny, I just brewed your zombie dust clone last week, 4th time overall, thanks!
  14. J

    American Pale Ale Three Floyds Zombie Dust Clone

    PS- where you a medic at?
  15. J

    American Pale Ale Three Floyds Zombie Dust Clone

    No. Partial mash grains come out at 170F (I think, been a while since doing partial mash) whereas FWH stay in throughout the whole boil. Pulling your FWH early will decrease your IBUs greatly.
  16. J

    Samoa Stout

    anything since? Im interested!
  17. J

    Missouri $35 pin lock kegs + shipping

    95037 please!
  18. J


  19. J


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