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  1. rondemay

    "you won't save money homebrewing"

    That's super interesting! I'd love to check out that podcast. It really depends on your situation though. A small community garden would be hard to do anything efficiently. I have a half acre on my family's farm that is dedicated to barley. Hops can be grown anywhere in abundance. Yeast is very...
  2. rondemay

    "you won't save money homebrewing"

    I save money buy washing yeast, growing my own hops, and filtering my own water. I've recently been moving into growing my own barley. These are a few of the DIY activities that save me money.
  3. rondemay

    First year hops growing, total fail?

    They don't just love sun but also love warm soil. If all the shoots die and the rhizome is just sitting in ground it may go dormant in drier soils or it may actually decompose. If you have a sunnier spot somewhere I'd start a rhizome there, let it grow the first year or two and then pull it up...
  4. rondemay

    Brett Concerns

    I don't know. I've never bretted anything before, but I don't think this is right... There is no pressure in my secondary. I wouldn't expect to see much activity, or any more fermentation, but a little standing pressure would make sense. I was worried about air leaking in, but it's a glass...
  5. rondemay

    Experiences with pellet smokers?

    I personally love my homemade side-barrel. Little need for anything else.
  6. rondemay

    Adding hops to a no-boil Berliner Weisse

    This sounds super tasty
  7. rondemay

    Pitching on Yeast Cake

    somewhere in this wheelhouse
  8. rondemay

    Pitching on Yeast Cake

    Yeah, this is what I ended up doing. It fermented vigorously for 6 days and then just came to a screeching halt. So I primed and kegged it. Taste tests revealed that it is actually more Kölsch like than expected, maybe more of a blonde ale though.
  9. rondemay

    Carbonation Technique

    Phew! Glad to hear it!
  10. rondemay

    Carbonation Technique

    Well... I was wondering everyone's opinion... I naturally primed and kegged a batch of brew last night and accidentally cold crashed it. It was probably near 40-45 degrees for a short time, and sat at high 50's for most of the night. I moved it into it's final location this morning, where it...
  11. rondemay

    Grain Mills

    What would the proper RPM of a direct drive motor be? Do these motors have to be geared down or would most fractional horsepower motors work just fine? Also, I have a kitchenaid stand mixer and those have a mill attachment, anyone tried one of those?
  12. rondemay

    Using Sourdough starter as yeast. Is it possible?

    I'm glad this thread is not dead. I've had a pretty great sourdough starter for a while that I bake with every weekend. After brewing a few good saisons, and currently experimenting with Brett in my newest one, I've been thinking about doing this with a small batch. The bacteria culture seems...
  13. rondemay

    Pitching yeast slurry

    Yeah i should have been more clear, the middle is beer, underneath that is the highest concentration of yeast on top of the sediment which you don’t need/want. I do not believe you want the top foam though...
  14. rondemay

    Pitching yeast slurry

    Ooh, looks good. Use that liquid off the top, keep as much of the sludge out of it as possible and you should be good.
  15. rondemay

    Pitching yeast slurry

    I’ve never made a starter from my saved yeast, never had to.
  16. rondemay

    Pitching yeast slurry

    The fresher the better! Did you see any separation yet? You can save the liquid yeast off the top and discard the sediment on the bottom.
  17. rondemay

    Pitching on Yeast Cake

    That’s for sure!
  18. rondemay

    Pitching on Yeast Cake

    So, despite knowing better, I had extra ingredients around and I decided to brew a new batch the day I was racking over my Saison. For the Saison I used the WY3711 (I washed and saved this too, because it is the most fantastic strain). After racking into the secondary and adding my Brett I...