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    Didn't think it could happen to me.....

    Hi all. Had my first stuck fermentation today. How many batches have I brewed, 50? Made a Moose Drool clone on July 18th. I checked it today and it's at 1.034. It's the first beer I put in my new fermentation chamber (that holds 6 buckets, minimum!). I needed to force chill two batches from 100...
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    Wines for the Cheap of Palate

    Hi all. My wife's looking to start making wine and I think it's a great idea, but we don't have any idea what kits to start with. We recently found out we like cheap wine- Yellow Tail and Barefoot are our go-to brands (mostly because they're $5), though we do like Niagara/ Finger Lakes wines. We...
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    Shot through the heart!

    And you're to blame! You give love a bad name. That's all. Kyle
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    The Homebrewer's Foremasher

    After reading the thread about grain mill surveys (https://www.homebrewtalk.com/f14/grain-mill-survey-386310/) and seeing someone mentioned a foremasher like the big-boys use I did a little research. As it turns out a foremasher, to my understanding, mixes the water and the grain as it enters...
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    BG14 NG troubleshooting

    Hi all, I recently upgraded my SP10 burner to a BG14, both on natural gas. I was unhappy with my propane tank emptying on the SP10 so I converted it, expecting a BTU drop- I got one. That burner couldn't heat 6.3 gallons from mash/ sparge temps to 170 degrees over a half hour so I moved inside...
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    Biodiesel for home heating

    Hi all, My brother in law uses heating oil for his home furnace and is asking if biodiesel can be used. He's a chef at a resort and has access to all the waste veg. oil he'd need, but does not have the set-up for diesel conversion. I'm reading online about the difference between on and off-road...
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    Grain Mill woes

    Anybody in Buffalo, NY have a grain mill you'd be willing to rent for a half hour? I have 2 batches I was going to brew today and my pasta roller mill is not cooperating. Maybe I can fix it, but I think I'm done with it after this. Time to start saving up. Thanks for the rant. Kyle
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    Hikers or tubing experts, I need some aid!

    Hi all. I have a non-brewing question about brewing equipment. We've been backpacking more frequently and bring along our water purification pump to refill our Camelback reservoirs. The problem is our pump (MSR MiniWorks) has a nipple on the 'out' side of the pump but it is too small to mate...
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    2012 Big Tap In (Ohio)

    Anyone going? Anyone gone before? Thinking of driving down this year. Searched his site and only found a year-old classified for a ticket....not an encouraging sign. So, has anyone gone in the past, and did the breweries listed as 'probable' on the website (http://www.bigtapin.com/breweries.php...
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    Yorkholo, Mansfield, PA

    Anyone ever been? Near Williamsport, PA. Stopped in looking for any kind of food while passing through last week- spotted the Brewery (what can I say- I see the 'B word' and gotta stop!) and are very glad we did! SWMBO had the IPA, I had an amber IPA (Panama Red), which was very good. And...
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    Android Programming for Kegerator

    SWMBO has an older Android phone (Eris, running Android 1.5 "Cupcake") she's about to be done with. There's nothing wrong with it, she just can't stand it anymore. Anyway....I have an idea about automatically keeping track of the beer left in a keg using phone. I have used MatLab and R for...
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    Austin Buffalo....Coincidence?

    Ordered up 2 AG kits from AHS on Friday, arrived last nite- great service, as usual. When I picked up the box, I noticed a drawing of what I thought at the time was just a hop and 2 mash paddles. Today, however, while enjoying some 6mo. old RyePA I've been stocking, I noticed what this drawing...
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    .44 Mag IIPA- check before brew

    Hi all, First legitimate recipe attempt here. I'm wanting to brew something worthy of the name ".44 Magnum", as it's my first, favorite, and (fittingly) most expensive handgun to shoot. I've posted the recipe below, developed via Beersmith. My goals of this are as follows: use 4.4oz of Magnum...
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    Comparing gravity of runnings

    Hi all, completed my second AG on my new system, 45qt. cooler, stovetop aluminum BK yesterday following Dude's LakeWalk pale ale recipe. My question is regarding the difference between first and second running's gravities. Of course they'll be different with (hopefully!) the first being higher...
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    (Un)SafAle US-05

    Haha. So this beer fermenting now, a Cascadian IPA, has been going for exactly 26 hours. I woke up this morning with some krausen and knew it would fill the airlock by the time I got home this evening. Sure did....filled right up. I'm using a 6 gal. carboy with 5.25 gallons of wort and this...
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    Wheat beer fermenting for 5 weeks!

    Hi all. Got a honey wheat from AHS some time ago and made it a rhubarb beer. I followed standard instructions but put .6 lbs of chopped rhubarb in with the grains and also .6 lbs in the primary. Oh, and I used a yeast fuel capsule and some alcohol boost. Is it normal for this stuff to ferment...
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    2 batches, both have a woody flavor

    Hi all. As the title suggests I've brewed 2 batches and both have a woody flavor. The first was a kit beer, the Midwest Nite Cap cherry stout. Followed directions exactly, very conscience of cleanliness. Brewed over an electric stove in a 32 qt. aluminum turkey fryer. It used dry yeast and was...
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    Rhubarb beer?

    Hi all. Is it at all common to use dried/crushed rhubarb pieces as a specialty grain? Purely for flavor. I see it's used in wine but have not read how, and we have the plants in the garden. Kyle
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    Signs of carbonation

    Hi all. Have my first batch in bottles, a dark ale. They've been in for only 4 days but I'm wondering if I should be seeing any signs of carbonation like in primary. There's just no apparent action at the moment. We're using the priming sugar that came in the recipe kit we bought with Munton's...