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  1. J

    Adding Orange Zest post-ferment. Dry, Tea, or tincture?

    I brewed a split batch over the weekend; half is to become a saison and half a wit (sort of split the difference in styles in creating the wort). I want to add orange zest to the wit, but find little info online about post-boil additions of orange zest. Most of the info I have found is...
  2. J

    National Homebrew Conference - Help for a NOOB club

    My homebrew club (The GLUB club) has signed up to pour at club night at NHC. We're Philly based, and want to share! At our meeting last night we realized that none of us have ever been to an NHC, and the website is severely lacking with info in this regard (we did learn that we should take our...
  3. J

    Help for a cider noob?!

    I can't believe I'm about to post this...these (typically i didn't RTFM, but want you to answer my basic question) are the posts that annoy me on the beer side of the forum, but I'm at a loss. The more I read the more confused I get. If there is a good FAQ or book on cider making please point...
  4. J

    Thoughts on Draft Magazine?

    Does anyone have an opinion on Draft Magazine ? I keep seeing promotions for it on various groupon-like websites...$12 for a year's subscription (my SWMBO sent me a link asking if I would like to get the mag) I've never seen or read this magazine, so thought I'd ask opinions here. BTW, HERE...
  5. J

    source for newcork corks for belgian bottles

    Does anyone know of a homebrew supply source for the synthetic corks called Newcork used by some Belgian beer manufacturers (Westmalle, DeProef, etc)? I see synthetic wine corks available at some (all?) of the online homebrew stores, but not synthetic Belgian beer corks.
  6. J

    help a newbie...where to start

    so...as a 10 year anniversary gift from my company, I got a smoker...a very cheap smoker...it was the best thing I could find in the catalog of crap that they gave me. I thought I'd actually like to play with this, so it showed up today, a red char-broil water smoker. (no jokes about 10 years...
  7. J

    unpopular categories for competitions

    Do any competitions post details around all entries (rather than just listing the winners)? I'd like to see a breakdown of enteries per category especially if the data is available for a number of years. I think it would be interesting to see if/how popularity of categories has changed over...
  8. J

    Extract Lambic ?! help my failing memory

    I seem to remember somewhere (wild brews, mad fermentationist, this forum, ???) reading about a homebrewer who was producing award winning lambics using extract...and i believe adding cornstarch to the boil. Searching the forum and elsewhere has not come up with the recipe/story I remember...
  9. J

    White Labs and Kombucha?!

    looking through the White Labs website I came across this page. Is White Labs getting into (or already in) the Kombucha SCOBY business? Anyone know if they will be supplying to homebrewers? http://www.whitelabs.com/food/kombucha.html
  10. J

    Shout out to Aqua Pennsylvania (local water dept helps)

    So I decided this is the year to learn about how my water affects my beer. I know it is important, but have focused on a lot of other factors in my beer production, but cannot ignore the water anymore. SO...I went online to my local water dept site (Aqua Pennsylvania...a subsidiary of Aqua...
  11. J

    First decoction and horrible efficiency. Help!

    So I brewed a batch of 'The Pious' traditional recipe over the weekend, and ended up with a stinking 55% efficiency! Worst I've ever had by a long shot, but this was my first decoction, so I'll chalk it up to rookie mistakes. I'm hoping someone can help point to my worst offenses. Here is...
  12. J

    rebottling beer in smaller bottle for competition

    so, I'd like to enter one of my beers in a competition, but I realize I only have 1 12 oz bottle left (should have been more conscious giving so many away around the holidays!)! I need two bottles 10-16 oz to enter. I have a few 22oz and a few 750 ml left. so, can I rebottle one of the bigger...
  13. J

    What is your brewing superstition/ritual?

    I always offer up a toast (alway with previous batch's homebrew) when the boil starts and pour a little into the kettle. I don't know why i started doing that, and never really told anyone...just a sacrifice to the brewing gods or something. Anyway, anyone else with a brew-day superstition or...
  14. J

    Brewing Sober???!!!

    20 minutes left in the mash and I am cracking my first beer (homebrew belgian quad). I usually try to wait until at least I start the boil, but the beer was calling to me from the fridge. I started thinking about it...I don't think I've ever brewed a batch without imbibing a...
  15. J

    Can I revive this old yeast cake?

    so I brewed a 1.050 belgian stout meaning to grow up a large quantity of yeast (WLP 530) to provide a decent pitch for a quad (1.093). I was planning to brew the weekend after bottling the stout, but alas, life got in the way, and now, about 6 weeks later, the cake is still sitting in the carboy...
  16. J

    Christmas beer + liqueur. sugar content for bottle conditioning?!

    so, following the recipe for flavoring a Christmas beer from Radical Brewing I used Creme de Cacao and Curacao infused with other spices. it wasn't until after I finished bottling that I read the page talking about calculating the sugar content in the liqueur! now I am trying to figure out...
  17. J

    holy sulfur bomb batman! (wheat yeast ferment)

    I'm fermenting a stout with Wyeast 3068 Weihenstephan Weizen 2 days in and the smells coming off of the airlock are SULFUR...like rotten eggs. it also has the thinnest krausen I have ever had in a fermenting beer (about 1 inch). This is a split 10 gallon batch and the other half is fermenting...
  18. J

    Crabapple Lambicky Ale recipe from Radical Brewing

    Has anyone brewed this recipe from Randy Mosher's Radical Brewing book? Crabapple Lambicky Ale It is on page 169 as part of the 12 beers of Christmas. he suggests brewing a pale wheat ale mashed really low and primaried with a clean yeast strain then racking to a secondary on top of 3-4 Lbs...
  19. J

    help me to clarify in a hurry - swmbo forcing me into stealth brewing mode

    so...swmbo has cut me off from brewing due to the ever growing honey-do list...what is a homebrewer to do? marathon brew session while she was out of town for the weekend a few weeks ago, and hiding carboys in the basement/garage! now, my saison is down to 1.005, so I figure time to bottle...
  20. J

    Anyone actually brewed a champagne beer?

    I've been wanting to brew a DeuS clone for a long time. I've read all I could find about brewing this style (which isn't much, and is somewhat dated). I've read all of the stuff on the Maltose Falcon's website (good stuff guys), and have a copy of Brew Your Own with an article and recipe for...