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    Connecticut Wine fridge or fermentation chamber: $75

    Located in New Haven, CT. Selling a vissani wine fridge I've been using as a fermentation chamber for $75 OBO. It holds temperatures perfectly. The door is a little crooked which can be seen in the photos, but it works well and doesn't have any effect on temps. It fits a pony keg, 1/4 keg, 6.5...
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    Sold Fermentation chamber mini fridge in exchange for a 6-pack

    Located in New Haven, CT. I got this mini fridge from a HBT member a few years ago and it's worked perfectly since then. Got a larger fermentation chamber so I figured I'd pass it on to another brewer. It's yours for the price of a 6-pack of beer if you can pick it up. Just needs a temperature...
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    Advice about this potential setup?

    Hi all, I'm looking at getting the Spike Solo when it comes out, which requires a NEMA 14-30 connection. I have a 30A 4-prong dryer outlet. I live in an apartment, and plan on moving within the next few years, and don't want to alter my breaker. I've come up with a solution to include inline...
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    New York Glass carboys, FREE corny keg, and 10 lb CO2 tank (all for $80 or parted out)

    For sale, either individual with prices below or all together for $90. I'm located in Manhattan and I can't ship these. 5 gallon glass carboy ($10) 6 gallon glass carboy ($15) 6.5 gallon glass carboy ($15) 6.5 gallon Italian glass carboy ($15) Carboy carriers ($5 together) FREE Challenger VI...
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    New York 50 bottle wine cooler/fermentation chamber

    I have a Vissani 50 bottle wine cooler for sale that I’ve been using as a fermentation chamber. Fits a 6.5 gallon glass carboy with carboy cap and blowoff tube, corny keg, or a 1/4 bbl sanke (that’s the one in the picture). Works great with an inkbird temp controller and can go down to 39...
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    1/4 bbl (7.75 gallon) slim sanke kegs

    I'm looking to buy 1/4 bbl slim sanke kegs (pony kegs) in any condition. Please PM me if you have one available and would like to sell it.
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    New York Who is brewing in Manhattan?

    Seems like there aren't too many of us. Anybody out there? Recently switched to AG BIAB and would like to have a few brew buddies.