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    Hot alcohol taste in Belgian IPA.

    So I finally kegged my BIPA, though its not fully carbed right now. The OG was 1.061, and the FG was 1.006. Attenuation was somewhere 90%. The funky taste from the yeast is there, plus the hop bitterness, plus.....A hot alcohol taste. My apartment stays around 60 degrees, so even a +10...
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    what to make with wlp008?

    accidentally picked up wlp008 at the lhbs, and after reading it, i have no idea what im going to do with it. it was for a single hop brew (mosaic hops), but after reading that 008 mutes hop flavor, i figured that would be a bad idea. so what would you brew using that yeast? ill build the...
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    infected, unhopped wort.

    i was busy this week, and i did my mash later in the evening, and then sealed it up in a ale pail for a couple days (its now the weekend, so i can brew). when i opened the lid, it was already fermenting, krausen, bubbles, and all the other signs of fermentation. im not too worried since im...
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    need help with belgian IPA hops

    hello, im going to be making a belgian ipa today, and was wondering what hops would work well with the style. i have 2oz of nelson sauvin, 2oz aust galaxy, 2oz centennial, and about 6-8oz of cascade. ive heard people say that the fruitier hops dont pair well with the belgian yeasts. im using...
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    my interpertation of the common room ESB.

    got the idea from the common room ESB that is posted on this site (i cant remember the author/brewers name for the life of me...kingbrian1???) so i headed down to my lhbs, and because it is a pretty epic shop, i was able to get all the traditional sounding ingredieants. 9lbs MO .75lbs...
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    finally cured my efficiency problem.

    well i was starting to get worried that i would have to buy an extra lb or two of grain to make up for my lower eff, but with a holiday beer recently i overshot my planned OG of 1.054 (65% efficiency) i tested it and got 1.065 (78% efficiency). so my secret is this. double crush, and stir the...
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    a mild disapointment.

    so as you know, i screwed up on a brown ale, and turned it into an engilsh mild. the low efficiency gave me a lower then anticipated OG. well i ran with it, and kegged the "mild", and finally tasted the final product....or at least i tried to, it is so bland and flavorless that its...
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    Pacific Rim pale ale.

    like the title suggests im making a pale ale that includes hops from countries around the pacific rim. any and all suggestions are appreciated. 9lb 2 row malt 2lb vienne malt 4oz C20 4oz C30 fwh cascade 1oz 15min riwaka 1oz 5min australian galaxy 1oz 1min...
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    i think i turned my brown ale into a mild.

    hello there, this is my 4th beer, and 2nd AG. i was going to try to make a brown ale, that is a mix of both english and american styles. i was aiming for something slightly sweet, and with a nice nutty/toasted taste. heres the recipe. 9lb maris otter 1lb victory 10oz C60 8oz pale...
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    first all grain. BIAB mocha stout

    well i finally got an all grain batch under my belt. it was a sam adams cream stout clone with a pound and a half of good coffee grounds put in. because of the cost (3 bucks for painter strainer bags), and space (im living with my buddy right now, and hes married) i did a BIAB. heres the...
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    what style home brew would you want at your wedding?

    my brother is getting married in late september, and i wanted to take some homebrew over to him (im in colorado, hes in california). my question is, what style would you guys want, if/when you got married? just need some suggestions, open fire!
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    odd hop schedule for an ipa?

    hello, just getting back from the LHBS, and they guy there gave me an ingredient list for an ipa. it includes your standard 8.25lbs of lme, steeping grains, whirlfloc, priming sugar, etc. the hops are all simcoe, and the schedule is this FWH-1 1/4oz Flame out-3 3/4oz.....and thats it. beer...
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    my first brew.

    well i finally was able to enjoy the fruits of my labor. And fruity it was, its an all citra pale ale. I messed up the boil size, so it is a tad bit watery, but on the hot days that colorado has been getting, its quite refreshing. All of the BMC drinkers in my barracks liked it so far. I have...
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    my first brew is in the fermenter

    well im hoping that all is going to be fine with my first brew. 8# lme 4 oz maltodextrin 2# of steeping grain dry pack of us-05, mixed in with a starter. .5 oz magnum 15%aa 60min 1 oz citra 14%aa 30min 1 oz citra 15 min 1 oz citra flameout...
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    should i start, or should i wait?

    Hello everyone, Ive been lurking here for a while, and appreciate all the good info I've acquired so far. I have a starting kit en-route to my barracks soon. I should have it all done by the end of the weekend, but right after that, I'm going out to the field for a two week block of training...