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    120V Blichman BoilCoil

    I recently moved into an apartment that does not allow open flame on the patio so i decided to give electric brewing a shot. I also opted to stick with 120V as to not further complicate the situation. I installed the 10 gallon version of the Blichman Boil Coil in my 10 gallon kettle. I used...
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    acceptable efficiency?

    After many batches of being right on the money I kit a batch at a different homebrew shop. I never questioned effencncy until this time. I formulated my recipe for an og of 1.055. I came up at 1.038. Going by the numbers aparently I was getting 80ish% efficiency with the grain crush from my...
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    Woodland Hills homebrew shop

    I went to the lhbs in woodland hills, right off the 101. Great shop with low low prices. I built my kit for a pale ale and proceeded to mill the grains. Thats where it got a little sketchy. A good majority of the grains looked like they didnt get milled. I saw the sign not saying to double mill...
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    Good android brewing app?

    Ive used brewpal on the iphone for a year, it was awesome. Seamless interface, simple sparge volume calculations, SG and brix SG and FG for each recipe (displaying my %abv right next to the recipe), yeast count estimation, refractometer alcohol correction built in... I upgraded to a GS4...
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    Great Lagers?

    I just got a fermentation chamber/fridge setup and an toying around with the idea of making a lager. Downside is that aside from budweiser and XX im not all too familiar with any lagers. Can anyone recommend a variety of classic examples of lagers (american, german, belgian, etc...) so i might...
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    Conditioning area inside cellar?

    So i have a large front loading freezer that i use as a cellar, with a temp controller keeping it at 55F. All the cooling comes from the top. I was thinking about the possibility of insulating of the bottom portion and using a "Son of fermentation" type setup with a fan attached to a thermostat...
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    bulk aging vs bottle aging

    So im getting more into temperature control. Im wondering what are good temperatures for aging say an imperial stout on oak long term. Also, oak aside, is there any benefit from aging in a secondary vs aging in a bottle?
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    Will this beer bottle carbonate?

    So I brewed massive Barleywine. OG 1.127. It got down to 1.034, so about 12%abv. I used some WLP001, 3-4 generations old. This was brewed the first week of January. Mid February I racked it into a carboy with some bourbon soaked oak. It has been about 2 months in there, if I ry to bottle...
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    Adding yeast to bottles

    So i have a barleywine that i made. Finished at 1.036 at 12% abv. I was thinking instead of adding sugar to prime the bottles could i just add some champagne yeast to carbonate and drive the FG lower? Any advice on how much yeast to add to 4 gallons?
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    Port Boardmeeting Brown

    Anyone tried this one? It has a very smooth velvety mouthfeel to it. Could have been the use of a lot of oats or could something else be at play?
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    Blichman Burner scorched on first use

    So i just put my beautiful new blichman floor burner and brewpot through its trials. It heated 6 gallons of water from 80F to boiling in about 35 minutes. I boiled 6 gallons for an hour and lost 2 gallons of liquid. This is incredible since my last pot with a much larger diameter only boiled off...
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    First RIS... SO SWEET

    Grain Bill 2 Row Base 17 pounds 78% Biscuit 1 pound 5% Chocolate 1 pound 5% Black Patent 12 ounces 3% Crystal 120L 12 ounces 3% Special B 12 ounces 3% Barley (Roasted) 8 ounces 2% Hop Bill Chinook 1.5oz...
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    False bottom in BK?

    Bought a stainless false bottom on a whim because it was erroneously priced at 2 bucks. I didn't need one, just curious if they would cancel the order. They didn't. Now I'm curious of I can use a false bottom in the BK to eliminate hop matter and trub. Possibly line it with a higher mesh for...
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    why did YOU buy a conical fermenter?

    Im just curious what would make someone buy something that costs about 30 better bottles is all. :D
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    Steeping Grains?

    Does anyone who brews all grain still steep grains? Just curious
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    Brushed vs Polished Stainless

    Im in the market for a new kettle. Im a total noob when it comes to most things. Is there a difference between brushed and polished stainless performance wise? is it just cosmetic?
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    Would a pump help slow sparges?

    Im considering adding a pump to my AG system. Last week after sparging 7 gals my sparge slowed to a crawl (i only needed 1 more gallon :mad: ) It was tough as hell to get that last gallon out. Would a pump have sucked that last gallon easier?
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    High or Low Boil off Rate?

    So im in the market for a new brewkettle. Currently i have a very wide brewpot with a high boiloff rate (1.8 gal/hr) Im curious if there are any arguments for or against a high or low boiloff rate. Im my mind i think i would prefer the higher rate because you might squeeze a little extra...
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    No Frills SS 10 gallon pot

    Im in the market for a new kettle. Ive had a cheap 10 gallon SS pot i got from downtown LA for about a year now and an attached bottom later is warping strangely during the heat/cool cycles it experiences. I want a solid, no frills stainless 40qt/10gal brew pot. I can make all the upgrades...
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    Malt conditioning... It works

    So u tried milling my own grains a few batches ago, it turned out terrible. My mill gave an inconsistent crush and the hulls were totally shredded. I got a stuck sparge and ultra low efficiency. I was using the crappiest corona mill possible btw... I still had one batch of grain left and...