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    Busy day all-grain...success!

    So I have two small kids and my wife works opposite hours lots of days, so I'm finding it increasingly difficult to do full all-grain brew days. So last month, I fit a "brew day" in on a busy day. I did a "mash in the bag" on my stovetop that produced about 6 gallons of wort. Then I carried...
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    Odd off flavor -- thoughts?

    Interesting thread. In my case, some of my bottle conditioned beers have a slight "plastic" taste, whereas my kegged beers taste premo. Sometimes I wonder if these tastes are all in my head as nobody else seems to notice them...
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    Bright, fresh, hoppy IPA from old beer?

    I'd be cold storing fermented beer and krausening with fermenting beer. The krausen batch would only be a 10 minute boil and should cool very quick due to the low volume. The 2 4 gallon batches would come from one brew day.
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    Bright, fresh, hoppy IPA from old beer?

    So I'd like to have a couple of batches of nice IPA this summer, one in June and one in July...but I'm usually way too busy in the summer to do much brewing. So here's what I'm thinking of doing: 1. Brewing and filling (right now when I have the time) 2 kegs (to 4 gallons full each) of a...
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    Wheat spice taste - is it the wheat or the hops??

    In Brewing Classic Styles, the recommendation is to do primary at 62. In addition to having the correct starter size, Z claims this temp yields the flavor profile of what the classic heff is supposed to be.
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    Why all grain?

    I guess for me, I don't brew beer just for beer, I brew to brew--if that makes any sense. Mixing extract in water skips the most foundational part of brewing, in my opinion. But hey, for each his own, and if people love extract brewing then that's cool with me.
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    First "No Sparge"...why haven't I done this before?

    I was feeling extra lazy today, so I did a "no sparge" instead of my typical batch sparge. I've been leary of trying this because my mash tun is only 36 quarts. I had 11 lbs of grain and I filled the cooler to the brim with about 7.5 gallons of water. I collected about 6.25 gallons in one...
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    Primary and age in the same barrel?

    I watched Michael Jackson's Beer Hunter--Burgundies of Belgium--and if I understood him correctly, lambic brewers do primary and aging in the same barrel. Has anyone tried this?
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    Creative ways to cool wort...

    I take a large tub and fill it with ice water and snow. I put the boiling hot brew kettle right in the tub and use a copper coil wort chiller with a utility pump. Ice water is sucked out of one end of the tub and the return tube is on the other end of the tub. Its a closed loop system. I...
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    Basement Friendly Yeast for IPA

    Hey skye buddy, I live in Chan...I've fermented beers all winter in the past with S-05. My lower level is about 58.
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    Coopers Ale Yeast review

    A while back, I brewed a pretty standard special bitter...I believe the recipe was more or less straight out of Brewing Classic Styles (all grain). All the brewing targets were hit and I pitched a full packet of rehydrated Coopers Ale yeast in the beer. This yeast purchase was completely...
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    All grain setup, downsized?

    I've been brewing for aboot 3 years and have a 36 quart mash tun and a 7.5 gallon brew kettle--this can produce 5 gallon batches. I really wish I had invested in 10 gallon setup from the get go--so no I couldn't recommend buying the equipment for a 1, 2, or 3 gallon setup. You can make 2...
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    Decoction and hsa?

    Yeah so I did a decoction mash and a 90 minute boil while single handedly watching a 4 year old and a 4 month old (girls). Try doing that all you mofos ;) Happy New Year!
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    Decoction and hsa?

    Yeah I know, but still had to ask the question. If you look for Surly Wet on youtube, it shows how they did the wet hopping. Basically they took firehoses and blew hot wort all over a vat of hops. No comments on cardboard taste on that one on beeradvocate.
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    Decoction and hsa?

    So I'm doing a decoction mash right now. For those worried about hot side aeration--how can you not be adding O2 with all of the stirring and transferring that takes place in decoction mashing?
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    Please help dissect my (I SUCK AT ALL-GRAIN BREWING CREAM ALE) Brew Day

    One time I aerated my wort @ 200 degrees (dont ask why) and that batch never developed oxidation flavors-even after 7 months in the bottle. Since then, ive never worried about hsa.
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    Efficiency +10%

    Back when I started, the biggest efficiency leap I made (65-70 to 75-80) came about from using a finer crush on the grains.
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    Germal Pils--single decoction?

    I plan on brewing the German Pils from Brewing Classic Styles. It consists of 10.8 lbs of continental pilsner malt mashed at 147 for 90 minutes. I made a blonde ale last year in which I did a double decoction mash, and I must say that it added a certain malt characteristic that I really...
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    Dumping wort onto Yeast Cake

    Underpitching/overpitching...they can both be bad for optimal tasting beer. But then again, this is homebrewing and for each his own. After about 3 years of it, I'm of the school of thought that I want to optimize my batches the best I can. One thing I've learned beyond a shadow of a doubt is...
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    Dumping wort onto Yeast Cake

    You'll get a great fermentation by pitching on a full yeast cake, no doubt...but the best beer, well thats an item of debate. Ok actually its not an item of debate. Jamil and Co., as well as most all brewing scientists agree that overpitching (which will always happen when fermenting 5 gallons...