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  1. Beenym88

    Flow trouble

    So I’m currently brewing on my ss brewtech electric system and I cannot get wort to flow out of the kettle down to the pump it’s making me insane. This keeps happening and now I’m dealing with super hot liquid. I’ve been told it’s due to aid so how do I fix it and prevent it.
  2. Beenym88

    Ss brewtech mash tun temp problems

    Does anyone brew with the electric ss brewtech system and have temperature problems with the mash tun. I just switched to this system it’s 3 vessel with the 2v controller. My first brew on it I had to put boiled water in to get the temp up. This time around I did strike water of 170 with 10.5...
  3. Beenym88

    Bulk Grains

    Does anybody know a good website for bulk grains I’m looking to get a few 50 pound sacks but prices vary a lot. Any suggestions?
  4. Beenym88

    Liquid yeast how much?

    Sorry if this has been posted a million times I didn’t see it. I’m wondering people’s opinion on this. How come liquid yeast packaging directions is so wildly different from the yeast calculators. My next brew day I’m doing a simple wheat beer expected to end at 1.052. Every yeast calculator and...
  5. Beenym88

    Imperial juice yeast

    Has anyone ever used imperial juice yeast in a pale ale or use it as a house strain. I’m loving it in my NEIPA and was curious about this since next brew day is a pale ale.
  6. Beenym88

    Efficiency mash and boil

    Hey guys I was wondering how other peoples efficiency is. I use the brewers edge mash and boil with recirculating pump. It’s basically brew on a bag with a sparge. I tend to get inbetween 68-70% efficiency. My last brew day I recirculation arm got clogged and my efficiency was terrible only like...
  7. Beenym88

    Water chemistry

    Hi everybody I know a lot of people are sick of hearing this question but I was wondering if you could tell me what you think of my water report. I’m thinking it’s good the ph looks a little high and I’m having trouble downloading software for some reason my iPad won’t let download brun or ez water.
  8. Beenym88

    Trouble shooting with fruit purée

    Hey everyone I was wondering how much fruit purée some of you use to get your beer where you want it. I did a kettle 5.5 gallons and used 7.5 pounds of plumb purée I wanted it to be very fruit forward and there’s like nothing there. The color is beautiful but flavor is a barely detectable. I...
  9. Beenym88

    Issues with PH in sour beer

    I know this sounds like it is an equipment issue but I just cannot make sense of it. I made a sour last night I cooled it to 115 pre soured it with lactic acid took a reading with a paper test and my ph meter both were slightly below 4 so I actually added a little too much but it will be fine...
  10. Beenym88

    Are dented kegs okay?

    I got a 4 pack of used 5 gallon kegs. They most certainly are very used looking one has a serious dent in the bottom. Is it okay to use or should I see if I can send it back? I tested it doesn’t leak. One more question another one of the kegs I cannot get the kid to sit right with out it leaking...
  11. Beenym88

    Is this an infection I’m so confused

    I’ve been all grain brewing for a year I have about 10 batches done nothing has ever gone wrong until now. I brewed a chocolate porter I put cocoa powder in the mash and end of boil then nibs during secondary. When I took hydrometer readings it looked slightly carbed. When I merged it it looked...