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    Running a 220 line out the garage - sanity check!

    You should verify that 18" meets code for depth. I know here in Ontario is has to be deeper, and dip down where the cable enters the building. I don't know what the building codes are like over there. dave
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    Southwestern Ontario Brewers

    Hello everyone, I am relatively new to brewing and I am wondering if there's any guys in southwestern Ontario that are brewing too. I am in Windsor but if we could get a few people together from London and Windsor and everywhere in between it could make for some good technique/tips/tricks...
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    Super Juice home brew

    I tried using something similar, came out to about 22%, never heard of 40% stuff, anyhow, I wanted to make some liqueurs with it (i.e. peach schnapps, creme de menthe, etc...) Don't do it, the stuff is un-drinkable its sitting in wine bottles in the closet...i'm keeping it until i need the...
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    Coopers Pilsner, skunk?

    Hey, I'm currently drinking my Cooper's Pilsener, and I have to say, it does require lots of bottle conditioning. Mine had that off taste and smell for about a month, and now about 6 weeks to 2 months after bottling its gotten a LOT smoother and better tasting. Secondly, I would reccomend...