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    How Soon Do YOU Keg?

    I'm having family over this weekend, and need to keg two beers I've recently brewed. The first is a Blonde I brewed 10 days ago. SG: 1.055. I used WYeast US-05. Fermentation appeared to be done in about 5 days. But I'll do a gravity check to be sure I'm close to my target. The other...
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    Back Sweetening a Lambic

    I made a framboise for my wife 1-1/2 years ago. Just kegged it yesterday. I like it, but my wife isn't sold on it yet (she said it's too sour, and not very sweet). I need to add sugar to it, so I picked up some lactose today. The question is...how much should I add to a 4.5 gallon batch? And...
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    I think I may have infected my beer. I dry hopped another batch of my Red Rye IPA about 1-1/2 weeks ago in the secondary. I only wanted to dry hop for 1 week (3 oz of Amarillo...I didn't want to over-hop). I didn't have time to bottle/keg it last Thursday, so I just opened the bung, and...
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    New Carboy?

    I'm new to lambics...I just brewed a lambic for my wife on Saturday, and at this stage, (primary fermenter) it's just any typical beer. I'm using normal yeast. The Lindemanns Framboise clone in the Clone Wars book calls for the Wyeast Lambic Yeast blend in the secondary. It does warn to...
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    First-Timer Questions

    I'm planning on buying some rhizomes for the first time. I've got a garden in my back yard that's almost perfect...a tall tree on one side (and a soon-to-be-pole on the other). I've got a couple questions, though. I think I want to get 1 Mt. Hood, and 1 Magnum rhizome. Is there any...
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    Dry hopping in keg?

    A few weeks ago, I brewed an IPA but haven't had time to rack to a secondary in order to dry hop. I plan on dry hopping in a cheesecloth bag. I want to brew a bock for our local Bockfest competition, but am limited to my carboy with the IPA (my other has a friend's beer waiting to be...
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    Keeping keg cold

    I'm going camping in a few weeks, and was thinking of bringing a corny keg of homebrew. After all, what's camping without beer? Any ideas on keeping it cold for about 2 days? My initial thought is to put the keg in a large trash bag and fill it with ice, and keep another bag or 2 in a...
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    Carbonation problem

    I've recently made a Weissenbock that I'm submitting for a local homebrew competition for the annual Bockfest celebration (bottles are due in 2 weeks). About 1-1/2 weeks ago, I bottled a six-pack using the carbonation drops from my LHBS (kegged the rest). Last night, I cracked open one of them...
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    Ruined kettle?

    I brewed a couple weeks ago, and by the end of the second batch, needless to say, I had a few too many beers. I decided to just soak my kettle (an aluminum 7.5 gal turkey fryer pot) rather than clean it. I soaked it in water and a scoop of oxyclean free and forgot about it for a couple days...
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    Fruit Racking question

    I'm making a raspberry ale for my girlfriend, and added about 6 pounds of frozen raspberries about 3 weeks ago or so in the secondary. I just checked on it, and noticed that they have turned brown (which I assume is pretty normal). I haven't tasted it yet, but I'm curious...do people generally...
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    Interesting beer facts...

    Here's an interesting link of how much beer Americans drink... The Year in Beer: Beer Drinking in America by Volume | Sloshspot Blog
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    My first all-grain didn't turn out as expected

    I just poured myself a glass of my first all-grain. It didn't turn out as I expected...which isn't always a bad thing. I was trying to make a clone of a Smithwick's. Instead, it turned out to be closer to a Yuengling. :ban: I live in Ohio. They won't distribute Yuengling here (the...
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    Brewing a Lambic

    My Girlfirend has been obsessed with lambics lately...especially Framboise. She has requested I try to make a Framboise myself. While I was at my LHBS today picking up supplies, I talked to another guy there, who mentioned that lambics take a while to make. I was going to brew in the primary...
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    Sankey in Kegerator

    I just recently kegged my homebrew for the first time (a tasty cream stout). SWMBO wants a 1/6 barrel of commercial beer on tap (she hates stouts). So I bought a sankey tap and put a second tap in my fridge. However when I got the tap, I noticed it looks like it only has a spot for 1 line on...
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    Force Carbonation

    Hi all. I just got my first corny and am force carbonating. I pressurized the keg to 40 PSI, and shook it (like my lhbs guy told me to do). I put it into my kegerator, and now I wait. My question is, should I release the pressure, and then fill to a lower PSI for serving and wait overnight...
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    Garden hose?

    Getting ready to brew tomorrow. My friend and I each just moved, and no longer have a gas stove to brew on (just an electric stovetop...) So I bought a turkey fryer...uhm...I mean a beer brewing kettle with propane burner. My question is, can I use water from the garden hose, or will it give...
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    Lost Wine Kit Directions

    I bought and made a kit for some white zinfadel about a month or so ago. However, I seem to have misplaced the directions. Can someone please give me the "cliffs notes" version of what I'm supposed to do from here? I know at some point I'm supposed to rack the wine, add the 2nd bag of...
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    Forgot to refrigerate yeast

    I went to my LHBS yesterday, and bought all my ingredients. But I completely forgot to put my hop pellets and yeast "smack pack" in the refrigerator. I plan on brewing today. Should I go back out and buy new hops and yeast, or am I okay to use them?
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    3-Tier Setup

    So, I'm not exactly new to brewing beer per say, but all my brews have been partial extract brews. I'm thinking of making the switch to all-grain brewing. I've seen a lot of pictures of people with the 3-tier setup, and I think I get the basic gist, but can someone please explain what you're...
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    When to Rack Cider

    Hi all, I just started some cider on Saturday, and it's going strong as we speak. I was thinking it's probably a good idea to rack it, but I'm not sure when. The batch I'm making is just over 6 gallons (I was going to make 5, but I completely forgot to take into account the frozen apple...