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  1. Sergiy

    Beer overflow after opening

    Hi everyone, i met a problem with my beer. After opening i had i huge amount of foam and beer taste was over-carbonated and feels yeasty. I kept it for 2 week for bottle conditioning and 1.5 week in fridge. Also i had very hot environment while fermenting. Should i give it more time in a fridge...
  2. Sergiy

    Fermentation temperature

    Hi everyone, i met an issue at the beginning of the fermentation. Temperature grows up to 32C and fermentation process was very active. After 48h it stoped, temperature 22C and airlock looks dead. Yeast was MANGROVE JACK'S CS YEAST M15 EMPIRE ALE I have 2 question 1) Should i handle this...
  3. Sergiy

    No airlock activity

    Hi, I don't see any airlock activity after 24h. I got a lot of headspace in primary, 16 liters in 30 liters plastic carboy. Will i see any activity or headspace are too much? The reason I'm asking because i will go for a secondary for dry hopping, and i want to know when to transfer. Im doing...
  4. Sergiy

    A bit higher final gravity

    Hi, i got 1.015 final, and i expect it to be around 1.010. Does it make sence to keep it for a few days more? I used M44 Jack yeast, fermentation for 9 days.
  5. Sergiy

    Get better mash efficiency with 2 kettles

    Hi, i want transfer wort into separate kettle after mashing, add hot water to original kettle to rinsing the remaining sugars from the grain and then add there main wort volume back. Should be kind of batch sparge method, but without boil kettle. My second kettle isn't good for boiling, but ok...
  6. Sergiy

    How long i can hold wort?

    Hi, i thought i have yeast before brew, but i didn't had one. I need 1-2 days to get proper one, how long and how could i keep wort to save the brew?
  7. Sergiy

    Boiling without grain bag

    Hi, could i add gains directly into water, without gain bag and later transfer in into second kettle through a strainer?
  8. Sergiy

    Broke my hydrometer

    I have broke my hydrometer, is it toxic? I had stevenson reeves hydrometer, there was some kind of metal balls in the bottom
  9. Sergiy

    Wort poured through the top in fermenter

    Next day after i added an yeast to fermenter, i found that wort poured through the top, and polluted an airlock. Why it happend? I used US-05 yeast
  10. Sergiy

    Safale US-05 store temperature

    Hi, I keep my Safale US-05 in a fridge, but the temperature there was around 10 Celsius, which is below the recommended values. It was there for a month, can I use them, or they are wasted and better to buy a new one?
  11. Sergiy

    Dextrose sludge in bottle

    Hi all, i have bottled my first brew 1.5 week ago. Before bottling, i added dextrose to the bottom of each bottle, and now i can see a sludge at the bottom. Is this because i need to wait more, or because i added to much dextrose (5g on 0.5 L) with a low gravity (OG1.043 to FG1.004). Or i do i...
  12. Sergiy

    Yeast over pitch

    Hi, i have added one package of Fermentis Safale US-05 to a 5 litres of wort with 1.060 gravity. As i found out later from different calculators, that i have to use 1/3 of a package. Did i over pitched, and how i may affect the result?
  13. Sergiy

    Can i use only part of hopped malt extract?

    Hi, i have a beginner question, if i decided to use a hopped malt extract, but i have a small kettle (e.g kettle is 1 gallon and malt extract requires 6). Could i use part of malt extract (by calculate needed proportion, e.g 1/4) for a few times, without any quality losses?