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    Fruit wine-campden or no campden?

    Why I wash my fruit (for eating, not winemaking as I’m a novice like I said!) with vinegar: What Does It Take to Clean Fresh Food?
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    Fruit wine-campden or no campden?

    Thanks! I usually soak my fruit in distilled white vinegar, it staves off mold and they keep longer in my fridge. I used the fruit the same day as purchase, but kind of panicked after I had already put it in and re-read about using fruit. I read some people don’t even wash their fruit, and so I...
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    Fruit wine-campden or no campden?

    Hi! First time brewer here, read many posts on this site which were informative, so I signed up today. I am hoping to make a raspberry-pear wine in some store-bought white grape juice. Reading through instructions again, I think I missed a step. Washed all fruit in water, then soaked in a...