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    Re-hydrating dry yeast and wort temp, a critical consideration?

    When I rehydrate with say US-05, I rehydrate with ~86F water. I then let it sit until it has gotten closer in temp to my wort, usually around 70. I then wait a couple of hours after pitching and then bring down the temp depending on the style and yeast. Never had any problems doing it this way...
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    Bottling tomorrow - couple of questions

    1. You're making it more difficult than needed. ;) get the siphon ready with the cane pushed all the way down. Insert it into your beer and simply pump the cane 2-3 times until flow starts. No water required! 2. 3 weeks at 70 degrees is the bottling mantra. If you can maintain the freezer at...
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    Trouble with honey

    I recently gave a friend a really simple extract recipe for a honey wheat beer that I had a lot of success with. The recipe calls for a pound (16 oz) of honey in the last 5 min. of boil. My friend made it and told me his original gravity was 1.063, but it should have been around 1.036. We...