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    Too much bottling sugar?

    On my last batch, an imperial stout, I had a bit of a boilover. So instead of bringing volume up to an even 5 gallons I dropped it down to a little over 4 gallons. After racking to a secondary and transferring to the bottling bucket and adding 3/4 cup corn sugar and 2 cups boiling water I...
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    Air exposure

    Brewed my 2nd batch last Saturday. By Sunday night fermentation was going great. By Monday morning all of the headspace was gone and I was getting concerned since some of the foam was getting in the airlock. So I put a blowoff tube on the airlock and placed the tube in the water and all was good...
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    Brew kettle question

    My wife got me a really nice Gas One 8 gallon brew kettle for Christmas. It's the one with the false bottom and the bazooka screen tube on the ball valve. It also has a thermometer on the front of it. Is the thermometer dial submersible? I don't have a wort chiller yet and usually put the...
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    fermentation stopped

    So brewing my first batch and have a problem, fermentation started off slow and stopped. I know one mistake I made for sure I forgot to get starting SG reading before adding yeast and air lock. As it stands right now after 3 days in the fermenter the SG is at 1.020. After 24 hours I was...