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    Looking for stainless steel fermenting tanks

    Hi all! Does anyone have any experience sourcing used, good quality, large capacity fermenting tanks? My small orchard (~400 trees) is coming into bearing age, and it's time for me to start thinking about moving away from 5 gallon plastic carboys and put on my big boy pants. I'm specifically...
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    Adding MLF bacteria for controlled secondary fermentation

    So there doesn't seem to be a ton of information on MLF when it comes to cider, but I've found a wealth of information on wine making sites and forums that urge a controlled Malo-lactic fermentation by pitching in known strains of bacteria that are on the market. I found an interview with one...
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    Failed Cold Crash

    I followed the directions provided in this thread: https://www.homebrewtalk.com/forum/threads/cold-crashing-cider.46017/ After racking it 4 inches above the lees into a new carboy, I didn't have fridge space, so I left it outside in 5 degree weather for 24 hours. It was frozen slush when I...
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    Solids suspended in top of carboy

    In order to up the sugar content of a new batch of cider, I pasteurized a hone/water mix. After letting this cool to the point where I could dip a (sanitized) finger in it without scalding myself, poured the mixture into the remaining head space in my carboy. Now there seems to be a haze of...
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    Tree planting ideas

    Currently I have a wide variety of trees planted on M.111 and B.118 rootstock. Most of them have been in the ground for around 3 years, though it's been a hard three year due to cicadas and deer pressure. I want to start narrowing down my plantings to the varieties that I will primarily be...
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    Looking for: Used Grinder and Press

    Looking for a used cider press and mill/grinder, preferably together. I have a small orchard that will come into decent production next fall, so I am looking for something on the scale of serious hobbyist to commercial grade equipment. I am in Northern WV - Southern PA area, and in grad...
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    Apple cider vinegar hotsauce

    So, I have a 5 gallon batch of cider sitting out on my back porch in its carboy. I had high hopes for it in the Spring when I opened it after a years worth of fermenting, but it was quite bad. Very alcoholic but very vinegary. Now, it's been sitting on the porch day in and day out since...
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    First cider has distinct sour citrus taste

    Good Morning! I have a funny tasting cider! Not sure if it is spoiled or just the ingredients add up to a funny taste. I just opened my very first carboy of cider, now aged almost two years (after a couple of rackings to get it off the lees. I didn't have high hopes for it as it was a total...