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    Barleywine Secondary Fermentation Temperature

    Hi everyone. I brewed a barleywine using WY1028 last Saturday and started fermentation at 64F (18C). After high krausen I ramped up to 70F (21C) and plan to hold it there until the 3-4 week mark. Afterwards, I plan to transfer to secondary for bulk aging for at least 6 months. My question is -...
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    WY1010 - Dropoff in Activity?

    So I brewed an American Wheat (5.25# Pilsner, 5.25# White Wheat, 0.5# Honey Malt, 0.5 oz Galena (60min), 0.75 oz each El Dorado and Nelson Sauvin whirlpool 20 min) on Saturday. Pitched the 1010 starter at around 70 and ended up needing a blowoff tube Sunday morning, probably the most violent...
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    Imperial IPA Recipe Feedback

    Hi all, I'm brand new to all grain brewing, looking to make an Imperial IPA next weekend. I'm going for a brew that has a good balance of mouth feel and citrusy and floral hop flavor/aroma, but still is within the style of an Imperial IPA without getting too close to Barleywine. Appreciate...