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  1. J

    50% OFF for Inkbird Vacuum Sealer Machine — Only $27.49 can get one

    Was #28 and never got a code. Any update?
  2. J

    For Sale Lot of Brewing equipment including 2X Grainfather Connects and Conical Fermenter

    Interested in the tilt if you decide to spit up
  3. J

    20 Gallon SS Sanitary Brewing System

    Very interested. Where are you located?
  4. J

    For Sale Ispindel

    I wish they fit in glass carboys
  5. J

    For Sale Torpedo kegs and regulator

    Pmed about the regulator
  6. J

    Mini CO2 Regulator

    Darn shame you won’t ship
  7. J

    Giveaway for Inkbird Bluetooth bbq Thermometer IBT-4XS with 4 probes!(ended)

    Just got a smoker and starting into it. This would be perfect to try use and report back
  8. J


  9. J

    California SS Brewtech 15 Gallon Kettle For Sale

    I wish you were in Pennsylvania
  10. J

    Pennsylvania [FS] All Grain Electric and Flame brewing Setup and 6 Tap Keezer

    How old is the 2 row....how was it stored?
  11. J

    Wisconsin Spike 20 Gallon vessels - MADISON, WI

    I wish....,I live in Pittsburgh pa could we make something work?