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    California Spike CF5 Trade for Flex Plus

    I have a Spike CF5 about a year old with all the accessories, great condition. Was interested in possibly trading/selling for a Flex plus that’s in great condition as well. Located in Southern California.
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    California SS Brewtech 7 Gallon Brewbucket Brewmaster Edition

    SS Brewtech 7 Gallon Brewbucket Brewmaster Edition with FTSS2 chilling $250 or best offer. Lightly used. Located in Orange County, CA. Local pick up only.
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    California SS Brewtech 15 Gallon Kettle For Sale

    Selling slightly used (6 times) SS Brewtech 15 gallon kettle. Comes with lid, 1/2’’ ball valve 3pc, pick up tube assembly, thermometer,1/2” quick clean take apart valve, Ss whirlpool fitting, and spare adjustable pickup tube. Prefer local pick up in Southern California. Great condition. Asking...
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    Greenlee 1-5/8 Knockout Punch

    Want to buy or borrow a Greenlee 1-5/8 knockout punch for installing a 1.5 tri clover threadless fitting.