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  1. ghast

    Adding fruit on start of fermentation vs end of fermentation

    Hello everyone, I've been recently transitioning from brewing beer to making mead (done a few braggots), so i'm still a newbie. So, I wanted to know if adding fruit or fruit juice before pitching the yeast will be different if I added it about three weeks after fermentation already started. I...
  2. ghast

    I need help

    So as the title says, I need help. Most batches I make, end up being gushers, literal exploding-when-opening beers. As most of you might say, its not carbonation, because I use similar amounts of priming sugar on all of my batches (4-5oz of dextrose)... and those that don't become gushers end up...
  3. ghast

    First Black IPA recipe thoughts?

    All grain, boil: 7gal... batch: 5gal 2-row malt (11lbs) caramel 40L (1 lb) blackprinz (1lbs) carafa III (1lbs) centennial (1oz) @60 centennial (1oz) @20 galaxy (1oz) @5 galaxy (1oz) @0 el dorado (2oz) @dryhop (5days) yeast: safale us-05 any comments?
  4. ghast

    Cinnamon/Vanilla Porter

    So I had an idea for this "Girl Scout Cookie" type of recipe and came up with this. Not sure if it has too much stuff in it, perhaps it might do well without the Cinnamon. This is BIAB, by the way. Boil: 7 Gal Batch: 5 Gal Brewing Time: 60min Temp: 100 (when malts go in) 150 (until water boils...
  5. ghast

    Mango Pale Ale

    Boil: 7.5gal Batch: 5gal Malts: Pale Ale (12lbs) Crystal 40L (2lbs) Hops: Galaxy 0.5oz @60 Azacca 0.5oz @15 Galaxy 1oz @0 Azacca 2oz @Dry hop (1 week before bottling) Other additions: Mango (heat it up on the stove, and let it cool on the freezer) (1 week before bottling) Yeast: US-05...
  6. ghast

    Coffee Blonde Ale recipe... thoughts?

    I was thinking on making a coffee ale and this is what I came up with... Boil: 7gal Batch: 5gal Mash: 8lbs 2-row malt 4lbs Pale ale 2lbs Crystal 40L Hops: 0.5oz Chinook @60 (I dont want it too bitter) 0.5oz Chinook @10 1oz Crystal @Whirlpool +1 whirlfloc Then dry hop 2oz of crystal in the...
  7. ghast

    Mango IPA, thoughts?

    I was wondering if this recipe would work out... I have a lot of El Dorado hops and also wanted to give a beer a touch of mango so... 10lbs Pale Ale 1lb CaraMunich 2 1lb Caramel pils 0.5oz Columbus @60min 1oz Amarillo @10 1oz Amarillo @5 1oz El Dorado @5 2oz El Dorado Whirlpool Dryhopping...
  8. ghast

    American Wheat Ale, thoughts?

    Hi, I've been posting a lot on this forums lately because of the great feedback I get each time, so... Any thoughts on this American Wheat Beer (5gal batch)? 5lbs White Wheat Malt 5lbs Pale Ale 1oz Willamette @60 1oz Saaz @15 1oz Cascade @0 0.5oz Saaz @0 Yeast: Safbrew WB-06 Give me your...
  9. ghast

    El Dorado hop

    Can any of you give me a review of this hop? With what hops does it pair well? Is it good for dry hopping? etc... Thank you :)
  10. ghast

    Any thoughts on this IPA?...

    This would be my third homebrew, so im pretty new to this... any opinions on the recipe I came up with? Boil: 6.5 gal Batch: 5 gal Mash: 10 lbs Weyermann Pale Ale 3 lbs Weyermann Vienna 1 lb Briess Caramel 60L Hops: 0.5oz Columbus (60 min) 1oz Mosaic (30 min) 1oz Mosaic (15 min) 1oz Citra and...
  11. ghast

    I am kinda new to homebrewing... is this a good hop combo?

    Idk if this recipe would work for an IPA... mash: 8.3 lbs Pale ale 1 lb CaraMunich 2 1 lb Carapils Hops: 1 oz columbus (60 mins) 1 oz Mosaic (20 mins) 1 oz mosaic (10 mins) 2 oz citra (flame out, for 10 mins) Dry hopping: 1 oz mosaic and 1 oz citra (7 days before bottling day) thanks :)