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    Barleywine Secondary Fermentation Temperature

    Hi everyone. I brewed a barleywine using WY1028 last Saturday and started fermentation at 64F (18C). After high krausen I ramped up to 70F (21C) and plan to hold it there until the 3-4 week mark. Afterwards, I plan to transfer to secondary for bulk aging for at least 6 months. My question is -...
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    WY1010 - Dropoff in Activity?

    Haven't checked it just yet, just basing on air bubbles at this point. I'll check later this week and post back.
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    WY1010 - Dropoff in Activity?

    So I brewed an American Wheat (5.25# Pilsner, 5.25# White Wheat, 0.5# Honey Malt, 0.5 oz Galena (60min), 0.75 oz each El Dorado and Nelson Sauvin whirlpool 20 min) on Saturday. Pitched the 1010 starter at around 70 and ended up needing a blowoff tube Sunday morning, probably the most violent...
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    Imperial IPA Recipe Feedback

    Thanks for all the advice! Looks like my original hop schedule was way too bitter...I am going for more aroma and flavor so thanks for pointing that out. The hop stand sounds interesting. I hadn't heard of that before - learn something new every time I brew. So instead of adding hops at...
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    Imperial IPA Recipe Feedback

    Hi all, I'm brand new to all grain brewing, looking to make an Imperial IPA next weekend. I'm going for a brew that has a good balance of mouth feel and citrusy and floral hop flavor/aroma, but still is within the style of an Imperial IPA without getting too close to Barleywine. Appreciate...