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  1. sounddoc

    Simple automated spunding valve

    I've got the BrewPi set up now (I'm using dotps1's Arduino uno / Raspberry pi build) and I'm now hooked on microcontrollers. I'm going to go down this route unless there's a better option in designing a spunding valve that can be tied into the version of brewpi that I'm using (former web...
  2. sounddoc

    Mugwort gruit filtering?

    I guess this could go in the bottling forum, but I figured I'd get a more specific response here as my ingredients are specificaly Mugwort. I brewed a gruit using only mugwort a few days ago and it's chugging away nicely in the fermenter. A lot, if not all, of the mugwort made it into fermenter...
  3. sounddoc

    Washed yeast...i think?

    I've googled and had mixed results in what I should be seeing...and so I come to you guys and girls. In the attached picture, I have what I was able to harvest from a 5 gallon SMaSH (MO and progress, yum) two nights ago Yeast was 2 packets of dry Muntons (age unknown, but boy did it work)...
  4. sounddoc

    Fermzilla cleaning and white crust

    Hi all, I'm having trouble believing I'm the only one who's experiencing this. I've done about 10 brews over the last year in my Fermzilla and I love it. Last brew was infected from my mash tun valve (trust cleanliness, but verify...the last part is important) and I'm deep cleaning all my...
  5. sounddoc

    Re-using bandaid yeast

    For whatever reason I have 5 gallons of band-aid brew. I still have the yeast sitting in the fermzilla with C02. Can this be washed and re-used without producing more phenols, or should I assume the yeast is infected? I'm not sure if it's infection or wild yeast that caused the bandaid flavor...
  6. sounddoc

    $12.50 for grain mill?

    Marked down from $104...should I pull the trigger? It's shipped from Russia! https://lynchshop.com/products/grain-grinder
  7. sounddoc

    First recipes generated - thoughts?

    Apologies if this is not the right place or way to do this - I looked for rules, but maybe not hard enough? Anyway, I created a couple recipes and wanted to get opinions - the first is a best bitter, loosely based on ingredients I already have, and the second is an oatmeal stout - both british...
  8. sounddoc

    Fermzilla and a thermowell

    Long shot here, but has anyone made a DIY thermowell for the Fermzilla that's able to be used under pressure? As temps are getting lower here in Maine, I'm not able to rely on my steady 68F in the brewing chamber (AKA the bathroom). I know Kegland sells one, but as far as I can tell they don't...
  9. sounddoc

    First brew in a Fermzilla without spunding valve - PSI too high?

    Hello! I'm doing my first brew in a Fermzilla and I'm doing it pressurized. Of course to save money, I have yet to get a spunding valve. It's rated up to 35 PSI and the PRV is supposed to relieve pressure above that. My question is should I release pressure from time to time? I just released a...