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  1. WAdamC

    Munich base in pumpkin ale. Thoughts?

    I'm thinking of using munich for my base malt in my pumpkin ale this year. It will be munich, A bit of carapils and light crystal, and possibly a bit of corn (just because...). Lightly hopped with something like magnum and maybe a tiny bit of c hop near the end. I have amylase enzyme, so I'm not...
  2. WAdamC

    First Time Kegging

    I used to leave it on, but I found that turning it off gets me way more consistent results (no overcarbing, mostly). That's all.
  3. WAdamC

    First Time Kegging

    Also, I'd go 14psi for a wit. Good luck!
  4. WAdamC

    First Time Kegging

    I like to seal it at 30 psi, then turn the gas off while it comes down to fridge temp. Then I turn the gas back on for 24 hrs @ 30 psi, then bleed off the gas, and turn it back on at 12 psi for at least a week. Shaking doesn't ever turn out well for me... BUT, if you must rush it (I've been...
  5. WAdamC

    Northern Brewer

    I live in IA. Ground shipping is basically overnight for me. I'm 3 hours from St. Paul. It is $9.86 for just a packet of dry yeast, and $12 something for two AG kits. :(
  6. WAdamC

    Northern Brewer

    I have exclusively used NB since gas went up and it became a bit cheaper than driving to the closest homebrew shop. Now, it looks like I'll be making the trip to Beer Crazy more often. I like the place, so I suppose this is for the best anyway. Anybody check the shipping rates for yeast? $9.86...
  7. WAdamC

    Northern's Dry Irish Stout Kit

    Just brewed it with 1084. Kegged yesterday and tastes great. I love 1084.
  8. WAdamC

    Green Flash Hop Head Red?

    Holy ****, Yoop! I live in Iowa, and we just got this in. It was a couple years ago, but the beer I brewed from your recipe was sooo close. This is the new version, so it is a little bit more bitter, but other than that it is dead on. You are a hell of a cloner! Oh, it is awesome, too. If you...
  9. WAdamC

    Founder's Centennial IPA (help)

    You should post this recipe to the original thread
  10. WAdamC

    Founders Centennial IPA

    I'd love to see what you ended up going with, too
  11. WAdamC

    Windsor yeast.

    Old thread, but I'm about to dump a full keg of mild. 10 Gallon batch. 5g nottingham, 5g windsor. The nottingham keg is heaven. The windsor keg tastes like dirt, mildew, and general nastiness.
  12. WAdamC

    HomeBrewTalk 2012 Big Giveaway

    This would rock my brewery's world. I'm gravity fed, 5g cooler, single turkey fryer burner/electric stove brewing. This would make my life (well, besides my wife and son).
  13. WAdamC

    Brew House kit - WILD fermentation

    Just get a wheat kit and use a hefeweizen yeast. I like Safbrew WB-06. I've never used munich, but I've heard good things. My american wheats and hefes are the same grain bill, and sometimes the same hop. The yeast is the main thing you want to think about for that style.
  14. WAdamC

    Electric Drum Smoker?

    I really want to know what the last post said, but I cant figure it out.
  15. WAdamC

    Not-So-Obnoxious Baseball Thread

    Ouch. The Brewers lost their fifth game... of the last twenty-nine. :-)
  16. WAdamC

    Half batch, but full yeast pack?

    You'll be fine. I'd consider it a starter for a bigger beer.
  17. WAdamC

    Not-So-Obnoxious Baseball Thread

    Yeah.... Well, Gallardo starts tonight, so hopefully they can get back on track. I'm excited for the rest of this season.
  18. WAdamC

    Not-So-Obnoxious Baseball Thread

    Well, at least they're tied for first. I can't believe they lost to the cubs...
  19. WAdamC

    Keggle Drilling Help

    Step bits are awesome, but not everybody has them. It can be done without one. If you can get one, do it... Slowly. Low speed and lube is the key. feel free to add witty inuendo!