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  1. vespa2t

    Rhrino fart filter...

    In 10 years I have never had a batch of cider get so stank that I was worried. This batch was H2S central ( just juice and s04, OG 1.050, ferm temp 38 to 65 in my greenhouse, nutrient added 2 days in, stank developed at 4 days Took a tip from wine folks and ran my cider through a copper pot...
  2. vespa2t

    Bayou Classic Propane Stove & Brew Pots

    Changing up my fermentation processes, so have a couple items I dont need anymore. Bayou Classic Stove SOLD $55 SHIPPED TO YOUR HOUSE via ups. Always stored indoors and kept clean SOLD3gal Porcelain & 5gal Aluminum Pots (sold together) Sorry, cant combine to lower shipping since...
  3. vespa2t

    Boulevard Harvest Dance Wheat Wine

    Mmmm. delicious. A wheat wine (50% wheat) brewed with a belgian yeast, and aged in oak. Available only in corked/caged 750 bomber. Nice oak (not overpowering) and an awesome banana-ey Belgian-ness. Malty. Sweet with heavy lacing and lots of head. Very carbonated (surprising for a...