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  1. SkiSoloII

    Beer Recipator

    I stopped brewing for a number of years, and always had great success using the Beer Recipator. Looking to make a couple of my old recipes. I found it on the HBD site, but I can't get it to work, and it seems it hasn't been working for a number of years. I've still got some of my recipes in...
  2. SkiSoloII

    Trying a Kölsch today...

    I haven't done many delicate, light beers. Unfortunately, I was planning to use Munich, but I ran out and had to sub Vienna. Probably more traditional anyway, eh? Let me know what you think, and I'll let you know how it turns out. Dave Rusty Kölsch Vienna Brewer: Rusty Kettle...
  3. SkiSoloII

    Alabama vote.

    So, what's happening with the vote on legalizing homebrew in Alabama? Dave
  4. SkiSoloII

    How does Maltodextrine effect the OG?

    My efficiency is pretty precise for most of my brews - 80% is usually right on if I don't do something wierd. I brewed a Porter (6g) and added 10oz maltodextrine. Per my efficiency with just the grains, I should have ended up with 1.063. I ended up with 1.066, or 84% efficiency. Does...
  5. SkiSoloII

    Beer Recipator

    Anybody know what happened to the Beer Recipator site? It's always been my go-to for my recipe formulations. Simple and effective (for me). Can't seem to connect...... Maybe it's a one-time thing. http://hbd.org/cgi-bin/recipator/recipator Dave
  6. SkiSoloII

    Brown malt as a base grain?

    As I understand it, Brown malt was historically the basis of most porters. I know the grains are malted better now, but is there a reason I shouldn't use it as a base grain in a recipe? Beersmith recommends a max of 10% in their charts. Thanks, Dave
  7. SkiSoloII

    Not mine - Wow.

    http://boulder.craigslist.org/for/2672388885.html Dave
  8. SkiSoloII

    2011 Amarillo available. Simcoe, Ahtanum, Warrior?

    Hops Direct has 2011 crop Amarillo Pellets. Does anyone know where I can get 2011 Simcoe, Ahtanum, and Warrior pellets? Thanks, Dave PS. I hate it that I can't edit the title. I want to fix spelling. PPS. Someone fixed it! Thanks!
  9. SkiSoloII

    Anyone have a good Cascade wet hop recipe?

    Hops are almost ready. I'll have around 8 lbs. of fresh Cascade hops available shortly. Nice aroma already. I like a good APA, etc., but have never used "wet hops" before. I brew up to 12.5 gallons at a time. I know that you can lose a lot of volume to hop absorption. Suggestions...
  10. SkiSoloII

    Simcoe and Amarillo

    Does anyone know when harvest dates are on these, and when pellets start becoming available for the 2011 season? Dave P.S. I tried to delete my first post becuz I cudnt spel.
  11. SkiSoloII

    Refrigeration conversion kit?

    It's probably in here somewhere, but I can't find it.... I've seen 12V DC marine/RV kits to make an insulated box into a refrigerator. http://www.frigibar.com/icebox-kits.htm Is there such a thing for 120v AC systems? The 12V sytems are pretty small, and would require a converter (not a...
  12. SkiSoloII

    Just mototized my malt mill!

    My father in law came up with a 1/6hp 1725rpm motor. I put my BC on a new board with an 8" pulley. Put a 1/2" pulley on the motor. Running about 107RPM. Crush looks great. Needed to support the board differently - the motor is HEAVY. I guess the next project is a cabinet. Anyone got an old...
  13. SkiSoloII

    Hopping Help Needed ASAP!

    Help! My recipe is in danger! My buddy was supposed to pick up hops. He didn't. 2oz Hallertauer, 7oz Saaz, 1oz Cascade. Trying for a Oberon-type wheat. Need advice on substitutions. I'm thinkin' just subbing Tettnang for the Saaz, and maybe a little Willamette with the Hallertauer. My...
  14. SkiSoloII

    Ontario Beer?

    Going to Oshawa/Whitby for the week. Is there anywhere decent (without driving to Toronto) to get a beer in that area? I don't have enough on hand to take my own. Thanks, Dave
  15. SkiSoloII

    WTB: 3" Draft tower w/o faucet

    Need a 3" chrome single tower. I have faucets. Got an extension for Xmas, but my tower's too small. TIA, Dave
  16. SkiSoloII

    2010 Simcoe and Warrior?

    Does anyone carry 2010 Simcoe or Warrior pellets yet? I've been noticing a few places running out of 2009 Simcoe, but haven't seen anyone saying they have the 2010 in yet. Seems to be taking a while..... ?????:confused:????? Dave
  17. SkiSoloII

    Looking for 2010 hops all in one place

    I'm looking to buy a pound of pellets of each of the following, and want to get 2010 crop. Can't find a site which has all of them at a reasonable price. Amarillo Simcoe Ahtanum Warrior Thanks for any help, Dave
  18. SkiSoloII

    Porter = Ice Coffee

    Damn. I made a really good robust Porter. I wanted to add a bit of coffee flavor to it by adding some high quality cold brewed coffee. I tasted it before I mixed ~8oz of coffee to my 5 gallons and it was great. I mixed it, added the bottle priming, and tasted it toward the end. It tastes...
  19. SkiSoloII

    WTB: (2) Perlick 425SS - Vendors?

    Are there any vendors out there who still have two Perlick 425SS faucets? I will pay a little extra if necessary. Thanks, Dave
  20. SkiSoloII

    "Waste" wort Parti-gyle?

    Does anyone else take the final runnings from a 1.070 or better batch and boil it up separate (with whatever hops) to create a smaller beer on a regular basis? Most of my beers seem to run over 1.065. I fly sparge, and I tend to throw the final dribbles into a kettle, boil them with some...